Stretching the Wages while still an OC at RMAS.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by ExJet, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. A question for anyone and everyone.

    Im getting married soon, and My wife to be works in London. She wont be able to leave the city without seriously damaging her career prospects. I am currently applying for sandhurst.

    I just wanted to know if you guys thought it would be possible to fund my own life with expenses and mess bills at Sandhurst and contribute to the cost of an apartment in london for the missus and myself while on leave?

    I know London is pretty much the worst place on earth to live on a budget, but i would only be paying half the cost of an apartment. So how realistic do you think this plan would be?

    How much money do cadets actually get to take home each month, after expenses, tax, costs etc...?
  2. Mess bills aren't the problem at Sandhurst, it's the teeny tiny wage you get paid as an OCdt/2Lt in the first place.
  3. Yeah, I know they are tiny, but are they enough for what i proposed.
  4. Are you a grad or a fellow mong? Whilst a while ago CC993 I took home £640 after incidentals were removed. My mess bills weren't big but getting charged for all the stuff you dont get to use hits the pocket.
  5. Unless you do a nice sideline in dealing crack, have a private income, or can rent a room in a Wimbledon Common Womble's burrow, I doubt it.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Its not what i wanted to hear, but i appreciate the advice. Is it very rare for married men to go to Sandhurst?
  7. Im a grad right now, Ill have an MA by the time i get to Sandhurst (if i pass).
  8. Check your Pms

    Old Rat
  9. You need to sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil, young man and do some sums!

    This is a simple budgetting exercise. It can't be hard to find out how much an Officer Cadet gets paid: write the amount on one side of the page - Let's call that 'Income'. Add to that figure the huge City salary your Mrs is on. Only you know how much your/her living costs are. Write all of those down on the the other side of the sheet, we'll call that 'Expenditure'. Take one away from the other and, Hey Presto!

    Do you really want to be an officer?
  10. Is it absolutely essential for your future first wife to live in London?
    Would it not be cheaper to live in, for instance, Farnborough, and commute in (30 mins to Waterloo) each day?
    Even factoring in the cost of her commute, I'm fairly certain your money would go a lot further.
  11. You're right, 24k is fine for a live-at-home singly, which is what most POC's are. However, married men with high maint. city wives, will struggle.
  12. I read it, Thank you. There was some genuinely useful info in that, Just wondering why you chose to PM it?
  13. Maybe it reveals his true identity in a roundabout way....maybe it reveals his secret trade in MOD surplus to fund his chelsea pad...
  14. Guilty as charged MiLud, and
    I would like 3,278 further offences to be taken in to consideration.

    'though Chelsea is not quite what it was, doncherknow.

    Now if a person were to be cursed with a devious mind, a nom de guerre of which the initials were DS might leave that person erm, just a little cautious. Wouldn't you say? And prove the point.

    Got to go. Outside on the street corner is a man in a long black leather coat and fedora. He's moving this w......
  15. Rest assured, DS I'm not (but then I would say that...).