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On Sunday I had a bit of a bad landing when having an unplanned dismount from a bucking bronco (a horse, honest, not a lady friend who'd rather I wasn't attempting anything nefarious). I clearly landed badly on one of my legs, as I've got pain on the front of my shin, a bit around the ankle, tightness behind the knee (hamstring tendon area) and a general limpy-achy thing going on. It's mostly lower bit of the lower leg, really.

Nothing that a bit of ibuprofen and rest won't cure - no major swelling, and weight bearing is no problem, but I'm wondering if anybody can recommend any stretches or exercises to keep things moving freely / stop things seizing up as it heals.

Off swimming later as I think running is probably a bad idea for a few days!
I can't recommend any specific stretches. My advice to you, as someone who has suffered all sorts of injuries due to rugby, is get yourself off to a physiotherapist pronto. They can tell you exactly what you have done, and give you an injury specific rehab programme of stretches et cetera. Rather that than you guessing what you may have done and doing some random stretches that may or may not help you!


Thanks; already booked in with one as I do indeed want to make sure my legs are in tip-top condition for AOSB and (hopefully) beyond.
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