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Hey, I can't find anyway to do back stretches (lower back, Middle and upper) i keep pulling and straining muscles in my back after doing a run or something?

and also my girlfriend keeps telling me I have small red marks going across my back she says there stretch marks but are they anything to be worried about?



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Bob Anderson's Stretching - best book for all kinds of limbering up.

For lower back:

1- lie on your back and GENTLY pull your knees to your chest until you feel the stretch and then lower them back. repeat that a few times.

2- lie on your back, knees bent together. let them loll over to one side and relax the muscles. you should feel the lower back resist but release. do this for about 30 seconds each side (gently!).

3- in the press up position, push up with your arms (gently), but keep your legs on the floor, so you flex at the lower back. do this 5-10 times slowly.

for middle back

1- sit down with your legs straight and gently reach to your toes and hold for about 10 second

for upper back - hold onto something about chest height with one arm, gently twist away until you feel the stretch and hold again.

I like to do hanging stretches after exercise. grab a hold of something high, so your feet are off the ground and just hang there until your forarms burn like the fires of hades.

If your getting back troubles after a run try incorporating more ab exercises into your regimes. If your abs aren't up to scratch, your back may be taking some of the strain of holding your core rigid, leading to fatigue in your back instead.

Stretch marks in your skin aren't usually a major issue. They're caused when your skin is forced to expand (e.g. through weight gain) faster than it can grow. Minor tissue tears occur in the middle layer of the skin, and can look unsightly. Massage with a lotion high in vitamin E to help the skin heal.

Edit: did i mention do back stretches gently? :x
thanks mate ill try them next time i train :)
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