Stretcher Bearers - Falklands Conflict

Some of you already know that I am writing a book about medical personnel in battle. Full details are on this thread:

Seeking Medics

I have interviewed Brian Faulkner (former Colour Sergeant) and Col John Burgess of 3 Para about their experiences at Mount Longdon during Op Corporate. I'm keen to speak to two stretcher-bearers whose names came up -

Sgt Pete Marshall, a Bn cook attached to 3 Para (then 3 Commando Brigade post Falklands?)

Craig Onions - also a Bn cook. Brian tells me Craig may now be a Met Police officer?

If anyone knows where these guys are, and would be happy to pass on a message, I'd be really grateful - you can PM me through this site or leave a message here.

John Nichol
Hope it's OK to bring this back to the top; I'm really keen to trace Pete or Craig.

Or perhaps someone might be able to point me in the direction of any other guys who served as stretcher-bearers during the Falklands War?
Or you might try the SAMA 82 forum, which is the 'Discussion Board' link from

You will need to explain who you are and why you wish to contact them, and may have to register as a guest on the forum.

I've just been told who you are. I should have clicked on your link, but didn't.

I have placed your request on the exairborneforces website, behind the closed door.

I know the people you're talking of but unfortunately don't know where they are.

I'm sure that one of our guys will come up with something for you.

Good luck!

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