Stretcher Barer (sic)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by CardinalSin, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Some bint in the News of the Screws goes on about shagging whilst serving as a TA medic.

    Drowned out by ammo exploding on the battlefield? Hmmm...artistic (or arthritic) licence? Either way - result!

  2. I've actualy spoke to her and she's one stuck up little skank. Won this competiton for Max Power or something that got her a modelling contract and a few quid. Typical model, all her and what she does and didn't do and other bull shit. Bit of a ********...

    I think she's talking bull shit there for a bit of dosh as her so called career hasn't excactly taken off ;)

    Spent all her money on her t!ts anyways...
  3. Rather makes a mockery of the seriousness of the conflict and the deaths of our men. Not to mention making the armed forces look completely unprofessional.
  4. When was norfolk invaded then ? :lol: if stanta was seized by the red hordes who would be prepared to fight for the dump anyway.
  5. THIS is the sort of thing we need to increase recruiting. More, more, more (and in my direction, please). (Thinking about retention, here)
  6. I feel an anecdote coming on:

    While the TFA at the medic's place at Shaiba was being constructed, the nurses used to walk through the site to the Fire Station to take a dip in their EWS, it being the next best thing to a jacuzzi. One day, the boss fireman came to me and said, "Can you get a grip of the Iraqi labourers? When the nurses walk through, they stop working and leer at the nurses. It makes them feel uncomfortable." "Not a problem," I replied, "I'll do something about it."

    Next day, the nurses walked through the site and sure enough, the Iraqi labourers stopped work and oggled.

    I braced up, drew a large breath and shouted in time-honoured fashion, "Get off my shaggin' site. You're stopping the blokes working!"

    Never had any complaints after that!
  7. I heard many things about this one, and reading the article while being told the truth about her, it was quite a funny read!
  8. Spill the beans? :lol:
  9. Yep spill the beans!
  10. I heard through a very long grape vine that she was never on a FTX or had passed her recruits course. Also, less importantly, she'd never had keys to an amby. but who's to say eh?
  11. Who cares, I think your missing an important point…

    She’s got brilliant norks!!! :D
  12. But she looks shit in uniform, a decent babe is obvious in C95's (nice arrse, slim waist, etc)
  13. Like I said, she's full of Bull....
  14. know her well then? ;)