Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Craig_K, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. Alrite lads, just lookin for some help basically. Ever since I was a kid the only thing i've wanted to do was be a soldier. At first when I started the application back in 07 when I was 17 I got refused on my medical, since then I have applied again and accepted due to new info from doc. I handed my medical forms into the office about a week ago and am waiting to hear back from them.

    The problem is I constantly have sorta mood swings, one minute im lookin forward to it, then im thinking "what if I get in and dont wanna do it". Thats where im struggeling because its the only thing i've ever wanted to do and its the only thing I wanna do. just wondering if other people have felt this or is it just me being a n.o.b?

    Cheers lads
  2. Do it, if you end up not liking it, then at least you know. Better than kicking yourself wondering if you would have enjoyed it for ever more.
  3. Craig (watch putting your name in your user name due to PERSEC ;) ) ive suffered from the same problem as you over the last 6 months, if not moodswings as such its just a fear of the unknown, i wanted to sign up 10 years ago and put it off now im 26 and wishing id have done it sooner, being under 18 you can leave basic after 28 days if you dont like it mate but id suggest you give it a shot, you sound like your up4 it so dont like a bit of anxiety stop you mate, get though the medical and ADSC and be the best you can be, in line with chips here: Better to regret the things youve done than the things youve never tried, im sure you'll make the right choice buddy and Good luck :D
  4. Just go for it all you stand to lose is time and being young means you'll have buckets of it.
  5. That might be all he loses, but if you've seen the figure that fivetodo has put forward, it costs the tax payer over £11,000 in wasted money - money that could've gone on to needed improved equiptment and so on rather than someone indecisive.
  6. Personally I think your just suffering from nerves. Its natural, your still only a young lad and the prospect of someone sat there telling you that you could have the next 22 years of your live planned out may seem daunting right now. I myself was nervous. It was the same when I walked through the door of the AFCO, the gates of ADSC, phase 1, phase 2 and my unit. The friends you will make, the lifestyle you will have and the opportunities you will be given should well outweigh the doubts you have. Best of luck with it mate, im sure you will love it.
  7. lol, which AFCO you working at lol.

    same as punk mate im 25 now and wish i went in at 16 when i first wanted to go iv now wasted 10 yrs. go for it.
  8. Thanks for the help lads. I do wanna join, for the past 2 and a half years i've wanted it so much, anytime I saw something on the tv to do with the army i'd watch and love it. Thinking about being in there getting a uniform, being in the field I cant wait. But up until 5 weeks ago I started getting worried, all I can think is what if this what if that. Its doin my head in! I wanna know if this is normal and have other people felt like this?

    The only thing I wanna do is be a soldier and feel the excitement again instead of thinking and worryin about it.

    P.s. Soz for soundin like a bell.end.
  9. That applies to everybody.
  10. It sounds like you are getting pre basic nerves, which is natural. You're only human afterall...

    Just have a long hard think about the Pro's n Con's of it and I am sure you will realise it's the right decicion to go ahead with it.

    It's just the fear of the unknown.
  11. oh right i was told if your over 18 you have to do a minimum of 2 months in basic before you can DOAR :?
  12. nope 28 days is indeed correct, although with the army being rather full, you can leave pretty much when you want, ive known guys complete phase 2 then turn round and say its not for them.
  13. yep. Whoever told you is quite simply wrong Punk_trooper.
  14. Aren't your terms and conditions of service or TACOS part of your interview process?
  15. They should be, although an applicant should have been informed of them at the first visit to the office really, it should be confirmed by the recruiter and also the senior recruiter interviews as a definite though.

    Regardless of age you have to serve a minimum of 28 days before you have the right to discharge.

    Officially and adult would then supposedly have a window of opportunity to leave up until the end of their 12th week which is what it always used to be, however it is becoming common for Cap badges and certainly the training unit concerned to use their own discretion to the benefit of both the Service and also the individual.

    Juniors have always had a minimum of 6 months window of opportunity, probably because legally for them the contract is not truly binding until their 18th birthday ;)