Stressing about AOSB fitness

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by PO35, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. Hi fellas,

    I know i will probably get a few people scoffing at this, or saying "back in my day people we much fitter" etc etc, which i take on board, but i just want some basic advice.

    Basically i have my AOSB briefing in roughly 11 weeks. Fitness wise we are looking at a MSFT (beep test) to level 10.2 and an individual assault course, so nothing majorly taxing physically (says he asking the following).

    I am informed that level 10.2 on the MSFT equates to running 1.5 miles in around 10.5 minutes (however i am unsure on just how accurate this is). At the gym i.e. on a treadmill, i have been hitting 1.6 miles in that time (yes i know, slow...). However would i be better off turning my attention to running outside instead of the gym? I have yet to get my hands on a copy of the beep test, so i haven't been able to practise.

    Furthermore does anyone have any tips for beep tests? (I have heard of people having discrepancies between their 1.5mile run and the level they eventually get on the MSFT).

    Over this 11 week period what type of progess can i be expected to make on my 1.5 mile time? I want to have a ball park figure to be aiming for. How often per week should i be giving my best effort on the 1.5mile?

    Thanks for any constructive advice. Sounds like i'm splitting hairs i know, but i don't want to wing up to the AOSB physically weaker than the other candidates and looking like a twat.
  2. Try Limewire for the beep test, and yes I'd recommend running outdoors at least three times a week.
  3. I was running 1.5 in sub nine minutes on a treadmill before my briefing, this however is in no way a substitute for either running outdoors or doing the bleep test.
    Make sure you are above the 10.2 standard as you may well being doing after several command tasks and things as well as doing it in a ill fitting coverall and if I remember correctly a helmet.
    On the whole though the briefing isn't too much of a challenge and I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
    Good luck

  4. Running outdoors is preferable, as there is more resistance.

    For the bleep test, you should train for it.

    Do longer steadier runs 3 to 4 times a week building up to 90 minutes to build up your endurance base fitness, but once or twice a week do some shorter, harder intervals, like fartlek (varied pace) or shuttle runs between cones or up and down the width of a football pitch.

    Make sure your hamstrings are well used to squatting into the turn for the bleep test, as that is traditionally where people suffer, with torn hamstrings because it is not something they are used to doing.

    You can make up loads of time on the bleep test "turn" by practicing this element of it. Again, short, sharp, ful on shuttle sprints will help.

    And make sure you have proper trainers with grip, not these fashion accessories which are an excuse for proper sports footwear.

    Good luck with it.
  5. I did it wearing a set of merrlls and found the wall no probs despite being a short arrse, remember however that its also down to technique. As for the beep test as mentioned above try lime wire search for msft or multi stage fitness test , pm me if you can't get it and I will try to coax the hamster that powers this contraption into letting me email it to you. Also take into consideration that 10.2 is the minimum, if you finish up ( it finishes at 10.2 no matter if you are breezing it or hanging) having chalked up a few warnings and breathing out yer arrse, the DS shall mention it, also take into consideration that the obstacle course is right after the run or vice versa. Any questions pm me.
  6. The MSFT stops at level 10.2 which is roughly equated to 1.5mile (2.4k) in 10.30mins.

    The best way to train for it is to increase your basic aerobic fitness level. Do at least 3-4 sessions of aeorbic training (at least 20mins continuous at 65-85% of max heart rate) in a week and make sure you have a day of rest between each session.
    *(Max heart rate is 220 - your age)
    Make sure that one of your runs each week is longer, somewhere about 50% longer than the others

    The way i made sure i could reach 10.2 was to figure out the speed i needed to run at to achieve 1.5mile in 10.30, and get used to this level of exertion (on the treadmill).

    Once i could do this easily, i would up the speed gradually (add 0.25mph each week). Those who can do maths will notice that this does not equate to at least 20mins, but once finished the 1.5, i dropped back 1mph and continued to 20mins. You can also try increasing the length of the run, with a good target being 3miles at roughly the 1.5miles in 10.30 speed

    PS, the fitness (MSFT, push ups and sit ups) is done on the first afternoon and is not done in conjunction or after the command tasks.
  7. Firstly thanks for everyone's advice which has all been taken on board.

    What kind of time do you think i could realisitically get my 1.5 mi time down to over the next couple of months?

    I am going to definitely going to try to incorporate more sprinting into my routine. At the moment im looking at doing the fastest 2-2.5 mi time i can do, because like people above pointed out i don't want to be hanging out of my arse at the end, much to the DS's dismay (plus i'm assuming there will be a warm up).

    On my "AOSB Briefing Outline Programme" it tells me that the second day (which is normally a tuesday) contains the physical stuff. Firstly the MSFT, then "attempt 2 practical command tasks as a group" and finally "complete individual obstacle course". Those 3 are said to last 1.5 hrs. So am i to assume the press ups/sit ups are now on the main AOSB?
  8. Sorry mate, got the wrong end of the stick. Thought you were on main board.

    The briefing is as you state above. Practical tasks are not too physically challenging, and the obstacle course is fun! As for pressups and push ups, no they are not in the briefing.

    In terms of time for the 1.5mile, I reckon with some hard work, you could get it down about 9mins!
  9. Just to further what they have already said on here.

    Running outdoors is a must, I trained for RSC purely on a treadmill and got my mile and a half time down to 10 minutes and when it came to the actual test it dropped to an embarassing 12:15 (still a pass but a shock to lose that much time and feel the difference)

    Also remember when doign the bleep test it is 1 part technique, 1 part fitness and 1 part mental. It is easier if you keep turning a different way, i.e. at one end always turn on your left leg and at the other always turn on your right leg otherwise one always gets tired faster and messes up your performance. Also the bleep test is mind numbingly boring, if you havn't got someone at a simalar fitness level that you are forcing yourself to beat then you might drop out early as you imagine yourself feeling more tired than you are.
  10. As a footnote, mental prep helps.

    I took each level at a time and counted each run, telling myself only another so and so to go, until i reached the next level, then over again. Works!!!
  11. As has been said, definitely run outside a couple of times a week, although treadmills are still a valuable way to train. If running outside more than a couple of times per week, make sure you stick to soft ground. Running on tarmac even in good trainers will knacker your feet.

    In training for the beep test, you want to be doing interval training - sprint 50m, jog 50m, etc. Lampost to lampost is what I do. Also remember when it comes around to it, turn on the opposite leg each time or you'll prematurely knacker yourself.

    There isn't a ballpark figure for how much time you'll make up in 11 weeks. If you've only just started training and aren't too out of shape you could quite easily make up 2 or 3 minutes. If you've been training for a while and increased your time already, it might not be as much.

    (Not to be confused with ASBO fitness which includes the TV carry, the fence jump and the getaway dash)
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  12. Good point Agent Smith that's exactly what I did, just remember also that on average each level is only about a minute long so once the girls have dropped out it's only two minutes away! If your hanging out (which do as suggested on here you shouldn't be) then just grit your teeth and open those legs out!

    Anyway good luck you'll really enjoy it.