Stressful? Try a bender in Helmand....

Have just clocked this on the BBC sports website. Now whilst mental illness is not to be scoffed at, this article seems somewhat ridiculous

I particularly enjoyed this bit (judiciously edited though it is):

"History indicates we should show more understanding. Trescothick is just the latest in a long line of cricketers crippled by mental demons.

As David Frith showed in his book "Silence of the Heart", the incidence of suicide among Test cricketers is far higher than in the general population.

Neither are mental problems a strictly modern-day phenomenon.

Frith says: "Cricket is by far the major sport for suicides - because it is so monopolistic, because it enfolds you and plays on the mind, filling you with confusion and self-doubt.

We like to imagine our sporting heroes as supermen, capable of physical deeds impossible to us mortals watching on.

On long overseas tours, even simple domestic issues can snowball into serious problems.

As former Ashes-winning captain Mike Gatting told BBC Sport, "Your wife has to leave pictures of you around the house and talk to the kids about you, otherwise they forget who you are.

"You almost have to switch off the emotions and become an ice-man.

"You also get used to a certain way of life on tour. When you get home that suddenly changes.

"You've been used to doing what you want to do, and then suddenly there are other people in your life again who you have been trying not to think about for four months."

Sport to most of us might be a happy pastime, an escape, a source of great entertainment.

That doesn't mean it can't feel like the exact opposite for some of those at the sharp end.

The rigours of being on tour eh? Kids forgetting about you whilst you swan it in a 5 star hotel, shocker. And as for the 'sharp end' WTF over...

Get a grip Tom Fordyce!

Sympathy? You know where to find it......
My heart goes out to these poor lambs...struggling away in the public arena, paid only several dozen times the national average and only able to find employment in their personal lifelong passion. Sweeties.

If you want to speak in person to an Infantry Moderator, dial the Samaritans helpline, and request the extension for a run-up kick in the ARRSE....
Reading that sad message brings a tear to my eye, no hang on a sec it isnt a tear of sadness.... its a tear of Joy, I have never heard anything so ridiculous in all my life.

Thank you Mike Gatting for putting it all in perspective
No wonder English Cricket is in such poor shape with such pathetic specimens

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