Stressed men prefer larger women

In DT Stressed men prefer larger women
Men are usually programmed to prefer slimmer and younger-looking women because they appear healthier and more fertile, making them a better bet for bearing offspring.But stress can cause men to reassess their priorities, with panic making them treasure more homely qualities such as a larger body size which signify access to basic resources like food, scientists said.
Feck, if start fancying big girls you are stressed out. I always though it was just because they'd do anything for an extra large cheesy falafel.
Even when I'm stressed I prefer a thinner woman! No big units for me. I don't like a bag of bones either, but rolls of flab is grim (sober at least).
I thought it was obvious. A larger wench means that after it has put the body lotion on and been starved a bit, you'll be able to make that nice coat with tits you've always wanted.

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