Stressed fish get bill of rights

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Meanwhile in the real World -
    In full

    Service people can be reassured that the Government is working down the list of its priorities and will eventually be able to deal with any issues that they claim to have.
  2. Ah, the first step on the very short road to banning fishing for sport in order to appease the disproportionately vocal 'animal rights' fringe. Expect fly-fishing to be banned first, using some spurious evidence that salmon and trout suffer the greatest stress, because it is only done by 'posh' people and will help to appease the remaining labour class-warriors. I'm surprised, I thought they'd go for shooting first.
  3. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Does this disgraceful Government not care about the flies? Are they to be denied their rights too?

    And will this, or any other Government, ever stop trying to regulate every single activity of a supposedly "free people"? The vocal minorities win every time ... leading to more pointless over-regulation to solve "problems" that only exist in the minds of a few.

    How did mankind survive for millenia without all these regulations and laws? And where will it end? Quota targets for matrimonial nookie? Licences to be bought for enjoying sex in "unusual positions"? Local Authority inspectors in the bedroom making sure you comply? :roll:
  4. FC, spot on.

    Oh well, there goes another pleasure. Soon all we will be able to do is watch
    fcuking football on TV.

    0.00001% of people rule this country and it's not the Queen or the government, it's the lunatic fringe.

  5. This idea has merit.

    As does this.

    I'll vote for you, well done.
  6. Nothing surprises me these days in this barmy country of ours.Why don't the Gov just ban everything and put cctv in every household.
  7. It is and its coming to a bin near you!
  8. I agree 100% that fishing should be banned, a crueller death can not be imagined than being pierced by a hook and dangled in a dirty pool until drowned.
    British Society for the protection of maggots.
  9. :roll: I farm fish for aliving these days , it'll be the dole for me soon then
  10. I'm sorry, but this story is complete and utter bollocks!

    Fish have been covered in research legislation since 1986 (Animals scientific procedures act) which covers any act whereby animals may feel pain suffering distress or lasting harm.

    this act already covers all vertebrates, plus common octopus, and includes consideration of environmental enrichment.

    This is, quite literally, my specialist area - so I can assure you that this is a non story! nothing to do with an attack on country sports or anything similar, its an established part of research legislation.

  11. how deep should I plant trout?
  12. depends on the type of soil, type of trout (brown or rainbow) you are planting.
    For optimum harvest (or shoal as we fish farmers in the hills call them) they should be planted in late October/early November.
    Hope this helps ...
  13. He could take up pasta farming instead.

    Or perhaps spaghetti has feelings too?
  14. They won't dare stop the torturing and suffering of animals being killed for Halal Meat.

    Yet Pond life get protection !
  15. I did warn about this on the smoking ban thread, that this is one of the next targets.

    A lot of short sighted people will celebrate each ban that gets rid of something they loathe, until a ban comes in that will take away something they enjoy.