Is stress the modern day equivalent of bad knees ?  I have just heard of a friend who had one of his men (a Pte) who was sent home for a week because he was suffering from stress.  To cap it all guess what I've just seen - an official poster on how to cope with stress.  I can see it now - "sorry sir, not playing today, don't want to go on deployment,  got a bit of stress you see."
I have also heard that very story.  About 5 years ago, a friend of mine in the RAF told me of the system that their recruiters had just adopted using the yellow and red cards, and it was apparently true but did not last long.  I also heard that it had been adpoted as a trial by an Army training unit (Pirbright seems to ring a bell) but they didn't like it either.
Never mind recruits, what about the poor civvy in the clothing store trying to sign you out a new plastic mug on their computer system. Information Age my A**se!!

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