Stress Fracture, back to Pirbright tomorrow...

Well, I got a stress fracture on an endurance run, and I thought it was a bad sprain, so like an idiot I left it, a week and several PTs and Excercise 1 later, I could barely walk. I saw physio, and she said to rest it up over Christmas leave, which I have done and it is better, but it still hurts when I try to run.

I have physio the day I go back, to see how things are, and if I get the green light, all's good (except for the fact that I'm kinda unfit now I think) but if I get told I have to go into Sword Company or something, then I have no idea what will be going on. Could anyone who knows or anything please fill me in here? As I'm pretty much bricking it.

Any reply would be appreciated, even if it's calling me a pussy =]
My answer will not help you at all son. But IMHO if the Army injures anyone in training it should be prohibited from discharging them back onto the streets.
You might get put into a rehab company, but it's for your own good. Its not the end of the world if you stay there til it gets better, get fit again, then re-enter training.
Son, Hen, If you are put into Sword company do not get into the same rut as some of teh tossers there if you really want to be in the Army do the rehab and join your troop when you are fit again. To many of them just start going downhill and take the view feck'it i am getting out. I will be watching you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Good luck Mr S B. Listen to the medics regain your fitness and join another troop. I know it's hard but on the grand scale of things this is merely a a slight snag at the very beginning of a long career. Hope you get better soon and drop us a quick message here on Arrse to keep us informed of your progress. As the Honest Man said keep your standards high and do the rehab and keep away from backsliders.

All the best

Thanks guys.

Well I've been put into Sword Company, Gold Platoon for 6 weeks. Things are alright, just boring, the guys and girls are alright though and there's a lot of banter =]

I'm trying my best to be strict with myself and not to let myself get lazy over the weeks so when I go into Juno and then another troop, I'll be ready to go and finish training.

I'm miffed that I had to leave Mansergh Troop, but hopefully my new troop will be good too and I'll enjoy my time there. It's just something I need to take on the chin.

There's no way I'm leaving without passing out, they'll have to throw me out =D
Mr S-B with that attitude, you will sail through, well done and good luck.
MSB Thats the spirit lad. Thanks for keeping us updated & get yourself fit. Your energy and zest to pass out will get you there. Keep up the hard work and strive towards the end goal. You will make it.

All the best

Sometimes things happen to test you in life, you could of easily took the easy option and asked to DAOR but you sound like your want to get fixed and carry on.

You've passed the first hard test, grip your teeth and carry on....use the excellent Rehabilitation facilities to maintain fitnesss then once mended gt straight back in there. Good luck

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