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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by bullshit, Jun 30, 2004.

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  1. Guys/ladies,

    Whilst chatting to numerous members of the green hatted Bde, I am amazed at how many SPS SNCOs have had breakdowns due to work overloads, something I have never heard of in my own corps (scalies).

    Sounds like your either being worked to death or not trained properly. I spoke with one SPS SNCO here who claimed to have 3 full time jobs in his last unit and his predecessor went "wibble" (his words).

    Whats wrong?
  2. Need training in the art of delgation surely?
  3. either that or take a leaf out of the KRH SPS WO and shag/blow your way to the top
  4. The reason so many of us go wibble is because of 3 main reasons:

    1. we promote people too early - at every level. You end up sending all your time checking and training the juniors, your own work is done after hours.

    Our Corps promotes to LCpl after 18 months, way, way, way too early for all but the odd star. You cannot trust them to sort themselves out - let alone anyone else. We took the detachment out on exercise last week (shock, I know) and we had to show Cpls how to put up a 12 by 12. It beggers belief.

    2. The training at WD seems more to get people through and not to train effective clerks. Units are expected to pick up the pieces. For example, the RAPC spent 3 months to train a pay clerk to class 2 and then put them in a pay office. The AGC expects clerks to do pay modules on class 3, 2 and 1 courses and then they could not touch it for years before being posted as a finance clerk. If anything pay administration is more complicated now, so who gets them up to scratch - the Sys Coord. I currently have 4 pay clerks that I have to hold by the hand. The day is just not long enough.

    3. Because there are too few programmers for UNICOM we have to do more and more 'work arounds' to get it to work to the current regulations, which, again, impacts on the training issues.

    Then you factor in the wife and kids sat at home whilst your in work late again...
  5. People do expect you to be the font of all knowledge too.

    As soon as I rebadged to AGC (SPS) I started to get allsorts of questions about things of which I knew nothing. Officers also seem to think you get issued touch typing skills with the beret and badge.
  6. You mean you don't?
  7. I was working in a Arty regiment in Germany as a Pay bod when the Sys Coord went nutty as a fruit cake. I ended up as the Senior Pay bod, looking after 3 other, none of whom had the delights of a Fin course other than the add on modules for their 3/2 and class 1. Not only that but I was also the stand in Sys Coord.

    Wife and tin lid, forget it. I was in work before either of them got out of bed and I was lucky if I got home before 8 most days. On top of that it was the Regiments training year, I was ball bagged.

    Got myself a nice cushy staff posting to compensate though and have been working (in the loosest possible sense) with the SPAMS for the last two years.

    Can't wait for my next posting, to as the nice man at SPS Div put it, get back into the Regimental System!!
  8. Probably a symptom of poor (or missed altogether) training, weak leadership, overbearing workload and pathetically poor tools with which to complete given tasks - ie UNICOM.

    Roll on JPA - things can only get better!
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Also I think that you'll find that throwing a wobbler is a standard defence having been caught with hands in the till. "...sorry officer, my client is unfit for questioning...."
  10. Well I'm SSA at a certain Inf Bn and I am on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I don't start my day's work until 5, because these people are just completely retarded and couldn't administer Anusol to themselves let alone a force of fighting 'men'. So I am about to pull a flanker and get myself the f**k out of here. I want to sell my soul to the devil and get a nice staff job for a couple of years as payback for this crap. After that I will be a staffy so it should be a bit easier in the 'Regimental Life'. If not I'll just go sick a home like everyone else :twisted:
  11. Note the majority of fruit caking happens to be at Regiment?

    From experience that's because of the lack of any sort of recognition or respect for the shite we clerks have to do - ironic as we spend our lives sorting the Regiment's admin out.

    Come on Charlie Oscar, give us a break once in a while - maybe you could hold your Regtl parades at 2100 hrs on Friday when the AGC Det SNCOs are still working?
  12. Stress from work? Bollocks! Some of us go on Op Tours whilst some stay behind in the UK cos they unfit knobs and won't leave their wives behind! Oh yes, why stress? Cos of all the backstabbers in the Corps! Still, I love the pens!
  13. 1st point - the topic was raised by a non-AGC individual - not us bleating.

    2nd point - the reason most of us do this job is that we are too intelligent to spend our lives digging holes and/or jumping out of planes. Might be interesting for the first year or two - but would get a bit samey after a while. We can move to any unit worldwide, have career and promotion opportunities that you ignoramus maroon monosyllabic boneheads could only dream of. The only downside however is that occasionally we get posted to units (presumably such as yours) which is full of people so stupid they believe the recruiting posters, and truly believe they are invincible, so by default everyone else is inferior.

    All I can say is grow up and get a life.
  14. What pushing a pen from Pte to WO1 worldwide. :twisted:
  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator