Stress and the TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_beer_man, Dec 12, 2011.

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  1. Thought of putting this in the RAMC bit but thought someone in here may have had dealings with it.

    After an altercation at work (nothing serious just some harsh words) myself and two other co-workers have been told we need to attend a workshop with some Doctor/occupational health visitor about being happy at work. It's a new initiative that apparently helps people stay safe at work (less stress = a safer work environment). You know the sort of shit, questionnaires and group discussions, etc. The thing that concerns me is she's been known to start throwing the whole work related stress around and referring you to your GP. Now two things struck me about this:

    1: Can an occupational health visitor refer you to a GP?

    2: If the above is true where would I stand with the TA on the issue of stress, especially with an upcoming tour on the cards as I know they ask for medical records?
  2. 1 yes she can
    2 might be a prob best ask your MO
  3. When I worked in the prison service I'd been off sick after a bad run of suicides. Occupational health wanted my GP records I refused. **** all to do with them.
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  4. I agree with Jarrod248. Your medical records are your own concern and no they have no right at all to refer you to a GP. They can ask you at work to attend a workshop as long as they pay for it and you to attend. Thats it.Check your firms Handbook for Employees, Conditions of Employment and your Contract of Employment. Then if they persist tell them to **** Off.
  5. They really put pressure on me but being obliging can cause problems. When or if you give consent how long does that last?
    Nothing of interest in my medical records but they're mine.
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  6. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I believe your employer is entitled to request a GP's report on your suitability for work (not complete medical history) and can therefore request that you attend the GP to be examined. The ones I've seen are along the lines of "Dear Dr Smith, can Mr Bloggs pick up a crate" - "Dear Employer - yes he can. He's a lying scrot"

    I thought the issue with stress was historically that its impossible to prove/disprove. Traditionally you get horrid little scrots going in and getting signed off on full pay because they say "I'm stressed" and the quack says "ok"

    To that end could you not go see the Doctor and say "I'm not stressed" and he would tick a box to say you're not?
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  7. How many times did you manage to top yourself?
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  8. You try to be funny but you fail miserably, best left to the comedians.
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  9. Yes walkyrie but that is normally for fitness to work.E.g like if there are medical standards which must be reached as a pre- requisite to employment. I once employed a women who had no ears but was very good at lip reading. That one went straight on the checklist!
    Then there is if you have been off sick for a long period they can ask that you are examined by a Doc paid for by them and get a medical report on the condition which is causing you not to attend work and the prognosis for your return to work.
    You may be entitled to a copy of this report, cant remember.

    Everyone gets stress from time to time whether they want to admit it or not. In my opinion there are more types of stress than there are STIs best keep the stress to yourself at all times and the chances are it will go away. For the other of course limp along to your local clinic with eyes cast down.
  10. I'd have thought she wouldn't have been able to see because her hat would fall over her eyes/spectacles wouldn't stay on...
  11. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    You certainly are.

    I fear though in the OP's case this whole issue may centre around their contract of employment, which in all likelihood has lots of sweeping generalising "business need" clauses that means they can make you do whatever, whenever they like.
  12. Found out she had rubber ones (ears) she also used to drink about six pints of rough cider in "lunch" hour. Was not out long new at the job and not knowledgeable about civilian ways. Most squaddies have two ears.
  13. @the beer man. I have re-read you post. Perhaps you are getting worried without cause

    She can/could suggest that you visit your GP. Its up to you if you do and she/your firm has no right to to ask what the result is.
    Tell them you went if you want to and spin a story. I.e he gave me some exercises then go home beat the Bishop and forget it. No report no notes on file no problem
  14. If you take the sandalista's advice to visit your GP because you are displaying signs of stress, you should comply with TA Regs (Extract below).

    Scroll down the list and you'll see that any change in Medical or Dental conditions (except the snots and sneezes) should be reported. Why ? Because it could, theoretically, alter your liability for call-up. CO might then have to consider whether your TA duties could exascerbate your stress and thus stop you training, or consider having a stressed out bloke might just give him the combat edge.

    Frankly, if some non-job Doris told me to visit the doc 'cos I'm exhibiting stress, I would tell them to 'do-one' unless:

    The employer pays for the consultation AND the consultation remains in my med file and not divulged to my employer except in the broadest of terms i.e. "your employee visited me today, he displayed / did not display any signes of stress.....but that was today. That will be £105 pounds please and I ve asked him to come in every week for next 40 weeks at the same rate.

    TA Regs Ch 3 Part 3

    Para 3.019

    Change in Personal Circumstances

    3.019. Reporting. In order to fulfil its primary role as a general reserve to the Regular Army, and in particular to be a
    source of individual reinforcements, it is essential that all TA personal records are up to date. This requirement is also
    in the best interests of individuals on mobilization as inaccurate records can cause them to receive incorrect rates of pay
    or be ineligible for some allowances. TA personnel are therefore to report any change of circumstances, including those
    listed below, to their sub unit headquarters without delay:

    Change of Next of Kin details.
    Civil Offences, including alleged offences for which proceedings are pending.
    Any conviction arising from a civil offence.
    Change of Address.
    Change of Employment.
    Gaining of any educational or professional qualifications not previously declared.
    Any change in medical or dental condition (other than minor illnesses or minor injuries) which is under treatment by
    civilian practitioners/specialists or hospitals.
    Any vaccinations given by NHS primary health provider (relevant vaccination certificate will be required as proof).
    Any planned absence out of the United Kingdom.
    Assumption of sole responsibility for the care of a mentally or physically disabled person requiring such attention
    that the carer is no longer able to meet his Call Out liabilities.
    Receipt of a DSS War Disability Pension or gratuity, or any other DSS disablement award, allowance or gratuity.

    This entry is to be included in Unit Standing Orders and is to be repeated quarterly in Unit Part One Orders and Sub Unit Orders.


    You should info your unit if you are seeing the GP regularly for strees related consitions. CO could then ask for a Mil specialist to check you out and give to a new JMES grading.

    or keep schtum.

    But consider this, would you be happy deploying with some bloke who outwardly seems to be OK but inside is a quiverring wreck and thus a liability when Terry starts throw the shit at you ?
  15. Thanks for the advice lads. The story has developed today which has left me with a choice of accepting a punishment which could lead to my dismissal or fight any allegation which could also lead to my dismissal. I've hit breaking point so I'm going to sleep on it and make a decision tomorrow.

    However, doing anything in green has never caused me stress. It seems to calm me as I'm happiest whilst there. My current financial situation has rendered me in a position that I must earn a decent wage to keep my head above water, as is the same for all others so I won't bleat on about that. The problems I have at work are, according to my boss, caused by my personality (outspoken, stand for my beliefs, don't take unnecessary shut, etc). Which is the main thing that my TA head shed say they like about me. What is it they say? You can't help being who you are.

    My concern is that the slightest hint of stress related leave will damage my chances of deploying next year. Something I've been waiting a long time to do.

    I think I'd best chat in confidence with my 2ic or my MO (whoever he is) at the earliest opportunity.

    Thanks again.