Stress and Fitness

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by omegahunter, May 9, 2009.

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  1. Ok, so recently, things haven't been going all that well for me, and I'm pretty badly stressed out, but, I've been trying to keep my fitness up all the same. While the weights aren't a problem, I'm finding it a real struggle to maintain my aerobic fitness - running, cross training, rowing, whatever.

    Is this likely to be a result of stress, or should I be popping off to see my GP?
  2. Could be down to concentration levels being a bit low on the job in hand. Have you tried running etc with an ipod, or a buddy to help keep you focused or at least distracted from what is troubling you?
  3. I can really relate to this. Im not one of these blokes who can go running to relieve stress, I have to be happy to feel like going out running at the moment.

    and as my life has been a big bowl full of ploppy turds recently, i have neglected the training.

    I find address the cause of the stress, or take time out, and the motivation will return (I went to the GP and she was awesome)
  4. Yes, I think the stress is affecting my ability to concentrate, hopefully I can find a solution to my woes, and my fitness will return.

    Can I request a woman MK2 which isn't so p!ssing complicated?!
  5. Prolonged stress releases cortisol which is an immunosuppressant, so when you are quite stressed you are more prone to becoming ill or under the weather. I'm not aware of stress impairing your physical performance, however aerobic fitness (more so than strength) can greatly vary depending on what frame of mind you are in.

    If you're already distracted with other things, or forcing yourself to go to the gym when you're feeling down etc then you wont be psychologically set to do your best. However, excercise is a good way to relieve stress (even if it doesn't feel like it at the time) as it releases endorphins, so keep at it.

    If the stress is stopping you eating/sleeping properly, this could be impacting on your performance also so watch out for that. If you find your stress is becoming unmanageable, or this carries on for too long, then you should probably pop along to see your GP. Stress is tied in with a number of problems like anxiety and depression which you can be helped with, or perhaps just talking through what's bothering you with some one could help :) .
  6. Im not trying to come across as rude but I don't understand why you have to be in a good mood or equally how not being so would affect your physical performance? Also everyday when I have to get in amongst it and go for a run, interval training, fartlek training in the morning yes it's horrid but once i've finished I feel much better for it. Then in the evening getting the press-ups,sit-ups and bodyweight circuit done. The reason that it appears your performance is lacking is because once the doom and gloomy days come I dare say you may not bother doing the exercise? Therfore you wont improve, neither will you keep at your current level of fitness.
  7. Are you Chubb's rather slow oriental cousin?
  8. I would guess that you can do weights because that's basically an aggressive, short burst kind of exercise. So the conversation in your head probably goes something like, "Damn (heave) the (heave) b1tch (heave)! Snakes (heave) with (heave) tits (heave) all (heave) of (heave) them (heave)!" Maybe you should try some fast/slow runs (the old sprinting to the next lampost, then jogging, then sprinting again, routine) to keep your adrenaline levels up while you're exercising. You might find that a little more relaxing, and you'll see the benefits in your 1.5 miler times, too.