Stress and deployment

I posted a thread the best part of a year ago now about work related stress and mobilising.

I didn't get signed off and got mobilised and came back no problems. But it always left me wondering "what if?"

We had the usual post op stress managenent brief but this leant more towards op stress and not work related stress. Does anyone have the definative answer as to if having 'signed off sick with stress' on their GP's medical record would stop yoy going on op's?

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Wild stab in the dark here but probably yes it would preclude you from deployment. Do you have to declare sick time off work to the TA ? If not you might be able to wing it, but the MOD ain't gonna take the wrap if you go tits up during or post deployment.

Also, just a thought perhaps if you are "stressed" then deploying might be bottom of a long list of stuff you should be doing ? Unless getting away from shit for a few months is what you need :grin:.

Good to hear you got through it though.
No shit, just occasionally wish I was away again from the Missus if nothing else ;P

Deleted 20555

Wish I could go - 6 months mortaring the crap out of people would be a great stress buster.
The thing that struck me as an eye opener was how being on tour was in my mind stress free. Being back in civvy st however..........

Just goes to show you how stress to one man is anothers peice if cake.

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Well you seem to have found the solution to your problem:
1. Join up full time
2. Join private "security" firm

No more stress - Simples!

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