I've just got my dates for going off on PQO Alpha Phase 1 at Strenshall in March. I know Strensahll is a RAMC place, so what arcane knowledge should I aquire as a Padre? Any "top tips" from those who have already done this course?
Is that "Strensal" ?

Nice place, although the C of E versus Catholic punchups in the naafi on a friday night get a bit tiresome :cyclopsani:



I'm trying to find out what the upper age limit is for PQO, have you any idea?

I'm keen to get back into the TA via a specialist unit, but it seems I may be too old even for that.

Can't help you on the content of the course, but the Camp was OK when I went there in the eighties for my pre-RMAS course. I suspect it's been re-furbished since then though :thumright:

Edited to add, nice one Polar, and yes I think it's Strensall


Strensall, Strenshall, Strensheeel - what do I know, I'm only a Padre!

4th of Foot - my commission came through last August when I was 43 and 3/4, so I'll be doing Strens... whatever it is and Sandhurst as a 44 year old. I really think it seems to depend on your speciality... though I'm really no expert on this.