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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by copper_knobblet, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    Sorry for the bone question but this seems the best place to ask.

    Is there a gym at QEB? I'm on my CMT 2 Cse tomorrow, can we use it?

    Anyone else up there for the Cse? Is it as time "intense" as the CMT 3 Cse as I'm hoping to get plenty of PT in?

  2. There is a gym. I've never asked to use it, but I'm sure you can ask the PTI.

  3. The PTI was a nice enough bloke when I did mine. We had 2 PT Sessions there (Mainly just to break up the tedium of lecture after lecture...) We had a gym induction so we could use it when we wanted and a spot of battle PT which was good.

    The A&P might be a bit of a shock, it was for quite a few people on my course, but then again a fair few retards passed it!

    Hope this helps!

    T C
  4. Apples and pears :wink:
  5. can feel a room wwhhhaaaaaa coming on!
  6. I wish it were a wah...

    I just don't know what A&P stands for - where I come from, it's a supermarket (Atlantic & Pacific).

    Perhaps sad, but true...

  7. Dear god. CMT! Need I say more?

  8. well there was a gym when i was there..

    BUT THAT WAS IN 1976..
  9. Probably, as I am not a CMT.
  10. Good gym, loads of open country to run about in. The world's cheapest pub just up the road. AltBerg boot company just down the road, get a made to measure boot made while you're up there.
  11. I've got my Wah-Dar on full gain, so you're going to have to find the answer some place else!

    T C
  12. I'm with FF on this one, what is A&P then? The only A&P I know is Anatomy and Physiology so what A&P do you do in physical fitness training?!
  13. read initial thread from copper knoblet.. he asked more than question . I counted that without the aid of a calculator :salut:
  14. Gosh Mary, aren't you clever. Are you TC? No, didn't think so. I'm sure he can speak for himself.