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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by EmergencyNursey, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi, i'm of to Strensall to start Phase 1 Training this weekend. Anyone here doing their Basic Training at Strensall? Apart from the run and sleeping under canvas, what else can I expect to be doing? My squadron are all from the days when they didn't have to do a selection weekend so their knowledge is not so current. Any help much appreciated.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Tell them to get off their fat, lazy arrses and find out so they can tell you.

  3. I'm sorry can you repeat that ? You're a recruit and no one has told you what to expect ? Is this a wind up ? What unit are you from, name and shame.
  4. Doubt it's a wind up, there are an awful lot of units out there, that really have no idea how to deal with their new recruits. Lack of info, lack of kit, lack of organising transport etc. It's a real pity.

    Back to the thread, sorry i've not been to Strensill for over 15 years and think it might have changed a little since then!

    good luck with the training & your TA career and remember that the only bone question was the one that was never asked! :)
  5. I quite believe what he says. I wasn't told anything about week 1 (2) weekend at all. I found out the hard way.
    Amazing what happened when i returned to my squadron.

    Week 1 is as follows:

    0545 wake up
    0600-0625 block jobs
    0630-0730 breakfast
    0740-0755 Parade
    0800-0840 TSC Opening Address
    0850-0930 Fc Prepare CEMO
    0940-1020 Intro to Gym, AFA Route, Staff
    1030-1110 PT
    1120-1200 1200-1240 SAA Rifle lesson 1, general description Safety and Sights
    1240-1320 Lunch not quite as long
    1320-1450 SAA Rifel Lesson 2 Stripping and Assembling
    1500-1630 SAA Rifel Lesson 3 Magazine Filling, Sights, Load, Unload, Make Safe & SAfe Handling
    1640-1950 Night out, ice breaker, setting up a basha, etc

    Wake up 0545 make sure you get up and packed.
    0850-0930 PT Endurance Training
    1030-1200 SAA Rifel Lesson 4 Cleaning and Maintenance
    1200-1240 Post Exercise Admin Cleaning and handing in kit
    1240-1320 Health and Hygiene with a PTI
    1320-1400 Final Parade, get a packed lunch and frakoff home.

    Make sure you have all your kit, smock etc for SAA, take your beret off if you smoke, don't talk in ranks, listen to everything and write everything down.

    We started with 50 people on Friday night, 6 left before lights out, we got one extra and by tomorrow we'll be down to 35 as a load of them are getting binned and back squaded for being muppets.

    I'm doing Week 2 (3) this weekend, El Alamein platoon with LCpl [MOD edit: no names] a huge Scot.

    Enjoy it.
  6. You're spot on! Lack of info is shocking, not got all my kit and making our own way there due to lack of transport.

    I'm sticking at it, as I'd rather be using my A&E skills to look after our lads than the p*** heads and idiots that are the main populatation in my A&E.
  7. Cheers thats excellent. You're a star. (I'm a she)
  8. You're welcome, apologies for the gender muck up :lol:

    You'll also need a torch either a small hand held one or a head torch, doesn't have to have a red lense.