Strensall CMSR (TA)

Has anyone done a recruits course at Strensall? Couldn't get onto any of the ATR courses and just wondering what the instructors and facilities are like.
'Nice hair love, come on your bike?' You will have met a lot of the recruits being loaded for the course already on certain weekends.. Lot's of people in your sqn have been there before, ask those with the plastic, engineer looking capbadges that get everywhere.

The course is being run by the potential and Officer Training wing type bods, good instructors and you'll find it a piece of p*ss. I imagine you may well be gated but not being an ATR I'm not sure how things will go, no NAAFI as such on site... The bar is good enough albeit JRC sized but sky tv and maybe some movies(?), typical army accomodation, A2's, ranges are not too far to tab to, nice big parade square, lovely cold gym, bpfa = twice around the camp with a warm up from the mess building. Don't be shy, your mother wasn't...
TA_sig said:
Don't be shy, your mother wasn't...
No way that my mum has had you, she hates dwarves!

Cheers for the comments,, so are the instructors Regs or TA?

You missed a class CFT last night, past all the student digs and kebab houses of Leeds 6.. Probably went past your old house!
No way that my mum has had you
No but the vid has been all over the place.

I think it will be mixed, but the TA one's are most likely ex-regs... Ha if we went for a CFT around here we'd have to take live out with us. Did the student chicks admire your mighty weapon? Oh yeah you can't have one... How did that work then? My house was up near the OC's, even offered me a lift once, kinda - top bloke.
Culinary Deviants. I was worried about the porn cinema action, trying to grab some rest in a room with 12 odd lads watching jenna and her bed breaking friends bang away on a 15" laptop screen.. Pipe smoking, razor wiedling (Guess it beats some of those machetes in the G10 kit) Mad Dog wasn't too impressed.. Imagine that guy as your det comd or troopy - all he needs is an eye patch!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I see that you have met old Reggie Perrin!!!.......'Don't be shy, your mothers weren't, my best shoes are still under her bed'! The guy is a legend! I wish that I wrote down all of the sayings he came out with!
I quite liked Strensall, grew up in and around York (near Imphal), but was recently there on a CMT class II. There's a couple of pubs quite nearby and the NAAFI is OK (although the bird who runs it is quite scary - nice though). The pool table's good and the gym is OK. The showers are communal (had to have a shower with 6 other naked women), but they're very good and hot. The local Chinese is quite good too. The bus service to York is very good (drops you off right in the centre of town - last bus is about 11.30ish), and there's LOADS of pubs in York. As a local(ish) I kinda don't like drinking in the city centre and prefer my old haunts. The facilties are quite good in barracks and even if your are gated you could still have fun. At Pirbright we were on an alcohol ban right up until the last night... (then it all got very interesting...).

I've stayed in worse (Altcar for example).

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