strength tests at wyvern

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by goodson8193, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. Does anybody have any recent experience of the "9 strength tests" that are used on RSD?
  2. Dead lift, chin/pull ups, computerised lifts and back pull
  3. The first test involves a static lift which is testing your ability to belt feed pasties into your civilianesqe mouth.

    Tests 2-4 are designed to get you through the TA CFT with the minimum effort. This requires a fake leg injury, a TA medic and a sick chit.

    If the phony injury scenario is a non starter then the remaining tests will enable you to be a bonafide member of the TAs;

    You are given a beret at least 7 sizes too large, a tub of OMD 80 and a bag of flour. Incorporate all three and wear that beret with pride (homepride?).

    Lastly, ensure that you drive everywhere with a set of Cmbt 95 on your car's parcel shelf to fool other civilians into believing you are a real soldier.

    Get eating Gareth!
  4. As above, but I noticed that it doesn't go on your report that is sent to your unit if your worried...... Well mine didn't anyway.
  5. thanks...what's a computerized lift and back pull????
  6. just a digital read out from a scary looking piece of apparatus you get strapped into, inside the PTI's dungeon.

    Push back with your back and forward with your hips against the plate for your back extension. The dead lift requires a squat pull, so push with your legs keeping your back straight.

    edit - my strength test results went back to my unit on my report.
  7. cool thanks for the info'
  8. The 9 Physical tests at any TA recruit selection are the same as regular selection (one Army, don't you know!), they are:

    1. Height
    2. Weight
    3. Body Mass Index
    4. Static lift
    5. Dynamic lift
    6. Heeves
    7. Back extension
    8. Jerry can carry
    9. Risk Reduction Run

    The tests 1 through to 3 are done during your medical, tests 4 through to 9 are completed during your selection.

    The only one that has a 'clear' criteria for failure is the RRR, however, dependant on a PR's career employment group if they are not physically up to it they should (and I emphasise SHOULD) be failed for that CEG and signposted to a CEG more suited to their weedy bodies!
  9. ta for that...