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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by contact_wait_out, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. Would be very interested to hear if there are any strentgh athletes on here and what aspect of strength you compete in!
  2. anyone.....???
  3. There must be someone!!!
  4. Not strength per se, however my crossfit gym do a few strongman events. We had a girl win her class in the strongman competition in Reading yesterday. One of the lads won his class too. I'm going to have a pop at the next one.
  5. Athelete is a bit strong and I dont compete for the unit yet, but I wouldnt mind representing anyone in the 90kg bracket. Want to get stronger first. Im following 'stronglifts 5 x 5' programme at the moment, google it. making big gains in just a few months! Squat, DL, OHP, Bench and Barbell row's. I mix it with weighted pull ups and dips. thrown in some CV now my ankle is on the mend.
  6. Used to powerlift for fun, no competition though. Got quite reasonable max's, 260kg squat, 240kg deadlift and 160kg bench at 85kg bodyweight. Couldn't do it now though...too old and too injured and can't afford the supplements!!
  7. If you're looking for a gym Andover way let me know.
  8. Thanks IR, bit far though Imin the deep SE. At a RAF base at the mo so the Gym is royally appointed with golden plates and silver barbells!
  9. Anyone compete for the Army? The APU seems to be a very vague business. cowboy some decent lifts there especially at that bodyweight. I just find it disappointing that football is represented alot but powerlifting seems to be non existant.
  10. Wow. I bet it's all in good condition too...
  11. Cant even find much on the APU on armynet. Agreed cowboyjim, some impressive lifts there! Yes IR, its got a roof on! ;)
  12. ...never been used!
  13. oooh ya bitch!............................... :)
  14. This is so frustrating, lol. What are your lifts?
  15. Ive not been going long but,

    (All in Kg)

    Squats - 125 (5 x 5)

    Deadlift - 155 ( warm up 1x5 - 130, 1 x 5 - 140, work set 1 x 5 - 155)

    OH Press - 67.5 (5 x 5)

    Bench - 82.5 (5 x 5)

    Pull Ups + 9kg - 3x sets 11 - 7 - 5 (best effort)

    Dips - 5 x 12 (will add more reps in time)

    Dont know what my 1 rep max is, just following the programme and adding weight weekly.