Strenghen front of shin

hi does anybody know any exercises that will strenghen the front of my shins my left leg is fine but my right leg always gives me a nagling little pain about 6 inches below the knee cap and about half inch to the left i dont know what it is any ideas?
You can get hold of elastic strengthening bands from gyms, sports shops, boots etc. Tie them to something, put foot in loop pull toes towards you. You can also sit in a chair opposite sofa/bed, stick toes underneath, lift bed/sofa.

If you're already getting pains, speak to your gym staff, physio or doctor. They might be able to sort it quicker than just trying to strengthen it.

Is this caused by running? It could be the start of medial tibial stress syndrome (one type of shin splints), in which case if you continue running - especially if you're doing stretching exercises - you can make it worse.

Get checked out by a physio or doc.
manutdftw said:
hi does anybody know any exercises that will strenghen the front of my shins ?
Try kicking the edge of walls etc with your bare shins. You could even try kicking wooden poles like Jean Claude Van Damme did. Look at him! Just by kicking poles he turned into a superman and got loads of sex and nob jobs.
Scroll down this page until Tibialis Anterior for shin strength exercises.
I used to suffer from shinsplints terribly at the beginning of my training, to the point where I couldn't run.

I found that backing off for a while, combined with the elastic exercises already mentioned, works a treat.

Eventually they went away of their own accord, as have other people's on here when I mentioned it.

Best of luck!

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