strengh for selection

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by LV_18, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. how many pull ups do u really need be able to do, to do well?

    and roughly how heavy are jerry cans. iv picked up and had to carry one full one before- thought my arms were gona fall off at the end. i just want to be able to practise with weights.

    cheers x
  2. If you can do 10 pull ups that should do, but you should do as many as you can.

    The jerry cans weight 20kgs each.

    Good luck
  3. Jerry Can 20kgs Practice with 24kgs 150metre walk in no more than 2mins. Heaves i believe are 5 minimum with good form (straight arms, chest to bar etc).
  4. i thought that was true about you havin to do like 5 each but one guy from my ADSC didn't manage any and got through, i think its mor to do with th mile nd a half run. And he was going to REME so it depends on the job aswell i think

    but yeah, 20 kg jerry cans though
  5. You like your kisses gayboy.

    It's on a best effort basis.. so if you go tomato faces and just pull off one, in theory you should be OKAY.
  6. jerry can walk lol!! it's not the weight its the worlds worst joint shredding plastic available to the cheapest supplier that'll end ya.

    Funny how after a few MGOB builds that plastic feels refreshing.....
  7. thanks, are they more lenient with girls cause i can do 4 now. dont no if im gona be able to do 10?!
  8. So it's a 150 meter walk in under 2 minutes, carrying a jerry can?
    And then 5 lifts of a jerry can, and 10 pullups?

    Excuse my ignorance ;)

  9. Its 2 x 20kg Jerry Cans.
  10. 2 x 20kg Jerry Cans 150m

    As many heaves you can do.

    Static Lift - Pull as hard as you can!

    Dynamic Lift - Starting at 35kg and increasing by 5kg on successful lift

    Back Extension.

    Not necessarily in that order. :D
  11. Ahh right... I take it it's quite challenging? :p
  12. Not really. The majority of the tests are best effort so as long as you don't gimp out you'll be sound.
  13. I'll be fine then I guess
  14. I only did 7 and that was ok. Quite a few only did 3/4 just keep practising because I didnt at all. Jerry cans were ok though.
  15. Is selection the same with everyone apart from the run?

    I'm having Selection for Paras soon and know I have to beat 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups in 2minutes to pass for what I want. I wasn't sure if that is the same with everyone though. What about the pull-ups, are they the same or have I gotta pull my own weight a little more?