Street Wino Smell Explained ...

Sexy monkeys wash with own urine
Capuchin monkeys have what at first glance appears to be an odd habit: they urinate onto their hands then rub their urine over their bodies into their fur.
Now scientists think they know why the monkeys "urine wash" in this way.
A new study shows that the brains of female tufted capuchins become more active when they smell the urine of sexually mature adult males.
That suggests males wash with their urine to signal their availability and attractiveness to females.

Right. A couple of cans of Special Brew, a quick piss on my jumper and Watch Out Girls - The Lurve Machine is more attractive than ever. :twisted:
You can achieve the same effect with Lynx.
Lynx certainly does smell as if a family of meerkats has had a simultaneous "number one" accident into high absorbency trouserings...
You can achieve the same effect with Lynx.

Surely I'd just smell of cat piss then? Also the little buggers scratch more than a can of SB and are harder to come by.

I think he probably would piss all over me, though.



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Lynx smells of Council Estate. Piss smells of 'too rich to care'. Try it. It works.
As opposed to the Capuchin monks who just collect skulls and bones to decorate the place?

Think I'd rather the piss TBH.
Each to his own. I once had bint who asked me if she could piss on me cock. In return I could piss in her mouth. Seemed a fair deal at the time. Not something I would make a habit of though.


But I've never actually seen street winos mating.....thankfully.
But I've never actually seen street winos mating.....thankfully.

They must do it though - the population numbers seem to be expanding so they must be.

Are Chavs the street wino equivalent of squab perhaps?


You could be right Steven. There is evidence. Bozo wino + baglady = Vivienne Westwood
Well. I always knew that Street drunks pished themselves regularly, and occasion curled on out in their strides due to their inebriation. but smelling of wee never attracted any gorgeous babes to me when I used to stagger out of the NAAFI bar after a belly full, and pishing myself after missing the urinals....

Now at may age now... 60 something, the niff of stale wee, Neutradol Air freshen, Vick Rub, Detol, unwahsed socks, undwashed undercrackers might just do in place of the usual bottle of 'Brut' aftershave I swamp myself with to lower the tone of the stench..... Matron is threatening me with a regimental bath out in back yard if i don't wash more often....

Some friends of the streets.......


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