Street Wars on TV - Spitting Blood

Having read some of the posts on here, little would surprise me about the present state of the UK. However, I've just watched a programme called "Street Wars" on Sky 3.

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The programme followed the fire service in West Yorkshire on the run up to fireworks night.

Whilst responding to a fire they couldn't see, one firefighter went forward to investigate and was set about by a group of teenage asians wielding weapons such as planks of wood. Another firefighter ran forward to help and managed to get his mate back to the engine, but the teenage mob followed, throwing bricks and bottles at them. The fire crew managed to keep the mob at bay using their hoses whilst they boarded the engine and tried to get out. Whilst reversing out, the mob ran forward, still throwing rocks and anything else they could find and smashing the windscreen of the fire engine, wounding one firefighter quite badly.

Another time, they were called to a burning car, only to find that the fire had been started deliberately as bait for an ambush. Fireworks were fired at them, again by asians, followed by more bricks and more of the same.

This is so commonplace that fire engines in that area now have cameras fitted to them. I don't remember the exact number of attacks they had recorded, but it was a lot.

I was spitting blood by this point. Who would cry for help, and attack the people who come to their aid? This is happening in England. The streets I love and was so prepared to fight for are inhabited by putrid scum. I feel sick.

What the fuck?
Had them in my VIth form college as well RFUK, an Asian gang, all from the same school, were let in, despite having substandard GCSE results to the rest of us.

It stank of racial quotas, and when the cunts vandalised an area of the school, no action was taken, due to it attracting "unwarranted press attention".

Double standards. Its shit like this that will get the BNP votes. Which is a very bad thing.
Happens a lot where I live. Last Sat/Sun (about 0200) a gang of about 25 gathered near a phone box close to where we live, noisy fcukers.

A lone cop in a van drove up and stopped and the scrotes were saying "he can't get out he's on his own". However some scrote then bricked the van at which point cop deploys, calls for backup and scrotes scatter.

Two minutes later two fire engines turn up at the very same place, and after sitting for a few minutes turn off the blue lights and retire. Our fire engines also have cameras fitted, but what goodis it other than to show some widow how her hubby died at the hands of a mob?
I just can't get my head around it. Attacking soldiers or coppers is fucking wrong, but I could almost, almost comprehend it. Attacking the fire service? WHY!?

Praetorian said:
Double standards. Its shit like this that will get the BNP votes. Which is a very bad thing.
Agreed, and I despise the BNP, but if I lived with that - I'd be seriously tempted to vote.

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