Street fighting in Taliban bases

Will The british and Americans end up in pakistan??

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Taliban militants are engaged in street fighting with Pakistani soldiers as the army tries to break the militants' grip on South Waziristan.
Both sides claim to have suffered few casualties but residents in the remote area say dozens have died.
The army, on the second day of its offensive, is reported to be facing battle-hardened militants, supported by Uzbek fighters linked to al-Qaeda.
At least 20,000 people have fled the area over the last week.
Reports from the region are sketchy as it is difficult and dangerous for foreign or Pakistani journalists to operate inside South Waziristan.
I cant see it, not in the slightest. The Pakistani military were VERY reluctant to let us in working there when they were all stuffed with the 2005 earthquakes, so to actually allow us in to fight, no chance.

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