Street fight triggered by vote fraud

This from The Times:,,172-1139185,00.html

It seems that 200 odd supporters of one Shah Jahan (Labour), and one Shaukut Ali Khan (PJP) came to blows over allegations of vote rigging and 'thuggery'.

The People's Justice Party is an Islamic party whose manifesto is based upon improved street lighting and self-determination for Kashmir.

Good to see Islam still being promoted as a peaceful and tolerant religion. :roll:
And good to see them taking a real interest in local problems too. :evil:

It gets better than that

Keep watching the news :D

Just like to say - Labour, everyone is about to see right through your Postal vote scam , mainly because of some very stupid, greedy and corrupt individuals, fortunately

Oh, and their Political Gangster mates , threatening Postal workers and setting fire to Postboxes. is that stiill a hanging offence?
The PJP, a small party whose eclectic policies include both improved street lighting and self-determination for Kashmir, has accused Labour supporters of cheating and thuggery, while Mr Jahan claims that PJP activists are waging a campaign of intimidation. Each denies any wrongdoing.
I'd have thought they'd be more interested in sorting out their ward first, instead of 'self-determination for Kashmir'? Trying to sort out the problems of disputed ground thousands of miles away won't be something I'd want to vote for.
Now they want single-sex Islamic schools paid for out of the public purse. Yeah, right. just what we need. The Osama bin Laden memorial terror academy and madrassa somewhere in the Midlands, funded by the British taxpayer. PhDs in Koranic studies and the Kalashnikov.
The People's Justice Party (PJP)

There are some concerns about links to the more extreme elements of Islam.

One of the PJP's "alleged" plans, is to try and get members to run in "mainstream" political parties , and then defect once elected.

I can't emphasise enough , that some of these boys make the NF and BNP look like mere dabblers, when it comes to saying one thing and meaning something far more draconian

Nasty, dangerous bunch of loons, getting support from disaffected labour muslim voters. The riots in Birmingham yesterday, were between the PJP and the Labour Party.

And it was all down to wanting blank and completed ballot forms.Which is why they were fighting over them. Both as corrupt and fraudulent as each other.

Keep watching the news, there is a story about to break tomorrow morning. It's a big one :D
Great that is all we need, an Islamic prime minister, say bye bye to booze, womens flesh, mcdonalds, pork, Immigration control (although we dont have much now) and pretty much western civilisation.
Reminds me of Bradford at the last general - the Tory for BradWest was Mohammed Riaz, "race adviser" to Billy Hague (read "the only nonwhite person in the party who's ever been elected to anything. Yes, I know it was just Bradford town council), who took it on himself to campaign on the line that Muslims should vote for him because the Labour candidate was a Sikh!

Amusing (not), but on election night the cops were already preparing for an investigation into his victory. It didn't happen, because he lost! How I laughed..
Hang about! This riot took place in Birmingham and was about underhand methods of postal voting? As far as I know, the postal vote is only being tried out in the north east, north west and east midlands and last time I looked, Birmingham was in the west midlands!! Plus, the votes should have been posted by now surely?

The Postal vote is available to anyone that requests it.

But some areas have had a quantum leap in Postal vote requests, that are NOT part of the trial area
PTP, thanks for putting me straight! I knew you could request a postal vote but didn't realise that the problem was the "quantum leap" in requests outside the trial areas. Alles Clar. :oops:
Gobshoite , nurries :D

Spoke to one polling station today that had marked off 80 Postal vote requests on the register. The normal is about 10.

I know the Conservatives and LibDems are trying to get the area analysis in Birmingham, as to how many extra postal votes have been requested. Electoral office in Birmingham have already rejected some postal votes, including one from a 2 bedroomed house where 27 people voted.

There is gonna be blood on the dance floor this weekend, the system has been well and truly abused. 8O

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