Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by airborne_shadrack, May 23, 2009.

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  1. I know of a few people at my unit who are thinking about taking steroids, Whilst I have warned them about CDT, they insist that it doesn't test for steroids. Have many people been caught out like this because I'm trying to talk sense into these people.
  2. Shadrack use the CoC thats the best way to sort out drug use.
  3. Anabolic steroids are not tested for on CDT. It doesn't mean it is right to take them though. If anyone does decide to take them i should hope they do a little research beforehand and don't listen to people on this site who haven't a clue. is the place to ask about the dangers and benefits.
  4. CDT doesn't test for steroids. Doubt you'll be able to talk them out of it so you've got a decision to make - report it or don't.
  5. See if the MO will prescribe them, if not, ask yourself why?
  6. A first post fishing exercise.
  7. Every CDT we are briefed that Steroid use IS tested.
  8. They are not tested for but if you are found to be using AAS you will be discharged just as you would for taking ecstasy, cocaine or any recreational drug. The difference is steroids aren't illegal to posses in civvy street as long as you haven't got large amounts that could be construed as supplying. They are still illegal in the forces though unless you have a prescription for the said items.
  9. No more from shadrack the journo?
  10. I've never heard of Stredoids TBH....
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, but no Josey, I'm not a journo.I'm not going to report the guys because thats they're choices but I'm sure people have been caught out on CDT taking this stuff.
  12. Well, seeing as you aren't going to report drug abusers in your unit, let's hope one of them doesn't do any serious damage to either himself (strong possibility), or to someone else (occasional possibility).

    They're as much a liability to you and your unit as any other person who misuses drugs or alchohol. But that shouldn't worry a lad like yourself, who'll sleep more soundly at night in the knowledge that you're not a grass. They may start on the lighter stuff, but as their desire to become bigger increases, they will turn to stronger gear and if you read up about the side effects of certain steroids and their prolonged use, you'll see that there is a massive potential for extensive and very often irreversible damage to major internal organs.

    You just keep that to yourself though. Nobody likes a grass.
  13. Anyone in the Forces who uses Steroids to gain fitness must be a fnucking prat. Long term use can fnuck up your gonads and other 'dangly bits'....

    If you use too much, you might even develop a pair of 'Fun Bags'.... then you could flog yerself down the Pub for Fiver a grope after hours.... in the bogs

    On the serious side, anyone in the Forces thinking about this.... well...don't. Unless you want to fnuck up your career potentials.... 8O
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