Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Mr_De_Niro, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. When does streaming take place during training i.e is it after FHT at Shawbury? And if so, is it a numbers game (bums on seats), or is it purely based on ability. I also take it there is no one going to the gazelle any more?
  2. streaming is i believe a term more akin to the RAF and RN, who stream their pilots fast jet / multis / rotary etc after JEFTS.

    if you mean expressing a preference for airframe in the AAC, its done (as i recall) after A flight in wallop, or early in B flight. then you'll get told probably 2-3 weeks before the end of the course why you havent got the country you asked for, and how there are no places on conversion for the aircraft you wanna fly ;)

    seriously, as with anything in the army, its based on where the army needs you and on what airframe. your needs come "a close second" :)
  3. Itchy, why the feck arent you at work??

    DeNiro, for the forseeable future, you will have the choice of going onto Lynx, WG13 or TETM. There are moves afoot to place Ab initios straight onto AH but I'm not sure what the requirements are at this time (no charisma is a start though).
  4. cos im practising for when im a QHI!
  5. Nah, you practise that in the pie shop :D

    Then by having a dodgy tache waxed
  6. sorry old bean! JEFTS ceased to exist either year before last i think.. 2003?
    then EFT was transferred to all UAS's now is being focussed down to just three UAS's. Future Air force structure and all that... modelling a smaller force.
  7. Whilst we're on this subject, where do you guys get your Defender crews from? Volunteers, or are they posted to these duties the same as any other? SNCOs or all officers?
    Just curious.
  8. These will mostly be previous Islander drivers, again these dudes have to have X amount of hours before applying. So I think I am right in saying Defender Drivers have to have that little more experience!!! as well as having a size 38 waist and a bad back thus not being able to climb into a mighty Lynx....and far too heavy for a screaming chicken leg!!
    Bring on the banter.
  9. Do you mean Islander? (Defender being a newer toy and has a big nose although the route to both these is the same).

    Any pilot can apply to go to fixed wing. As with a lot of AAC positions (Indep Flts, 657, 8 Flt, QHI) one has to go through a selection process. Once the pilot has submitted his application, a board is convened and a pilot is selected from the results. In days gone by, fixed wing was for the crusty types with a couple of years to serve so was seen as a 'resettlement course' (ie, multi fixed wing, IR rating). Now though, they are a bit more relaxed on the selection and most of the members of the flight are under 60 years old. (In fact, they have the token complete tosser in the flight. Names on a postcard :roll: ).

    Mainly SNCOs with a couple of token Occifers (We even have a pet crab and a former pet crab I believe!). Ask the latter about changing underpants. An eye opener!
  10. Thanks chaps,
    I'd assumed that the Islander and Defender units employed the same pool of aircrew although I'm aware of the different roles of the 2.

    How are your guys converted? Locally onto the Islander/Defender direct or do they do a short Multi-engine Cross Over (MEXO) course at Cranwell similar to RAF rotary/FJ - multi swaps (cue banter!!).

    Back in the late 80's I did a spell at Bishops Court and met some of your Beaver crews when I visited Aldergrove. An interesting selection of elderly gentlemen if ever there was!!

    Anyway, back to Defender/Islander...any training or manning read across to Watchkeeper? Sounds like madness to me leaving WK ownership with 32 RA. In fact, I may just start a thread on the QM forum with a poll to see who you pongoes think should have WK!!!
  11. Given the way that RPV's are developing - UAV => UCAV - and fact that AH will probably be occupying the same airspace as WK you would think there would be some AAC representation on the IPT or elsewhere in the project lifecycle.

    MM, I assume FOAS / SUAVE is sky blue only or is the Senior Service there too?
  12. FP,
    FOAS is dead. Long live Future Combat Air Capability (FCAC)! Both the RAF and RN are engaged in this as it does what it says on the tin: provide (eventually!) a capability. At this stage, what form this capability will be is anyone's guess. Mine would be a combination of JCA (carrier and land based), Typhoon, UCAV and TLAM.

    Incidentally, interesting to see the reaction to the 'Watchkeeper Ownership' debate on the QMs forum regarding AAC involvment in that programme!