Streaming classes... by race.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BrunoNoMedals, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    My missus is a teacher. She often tells me ridiculous stories about recent happenings in her school which annoy me through their sheer stupidity and the fact that teachers can accept so much guff, not just as bearable but as good practice. The latest story, however, really takes the Michael.

    Her boss, the head of department, is struggling to keep order in what is, admittedly, a rough city-centre secondary. It doesn't help that he's weak as damp tissue, but I never considered him to be genuinely stupid. He's tried various class combinations before, including the proven but lefty-provoking single-sex and one major cock-up the left one class with 75 kids in it. His latest tactic: Racially profiled classes.

    Now I'm not one to pull out the E&D Act on a regular basis, but surely this can't be legal? It certainly doesn't do anything to aid social integration, in an area already strugging with ghettoisation, when you've got the Somali kids in one class and the Asians in another.

    Am I overreacting, or is this bloke walking on thin ice? It's an academy rather than a state school, so I know it gets a lot more freedom. I doubt this exempts it from the law, however.

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  2. Maybe some racial streaming could help.... ie English lessons. It sounds like a bit of a tricky one to sort out TBH.

    The whole idea thought that we can mix and match classes to be culturally and cabibility diverse is daft.

    The classes should be streamed according to ability. If that means all the Somalians boys are in the bottom class and all the girls are in the top, then so be it. As long as they ALL have the chance to achieve their potential. If someone starts kicking off and disrupting a class, pre-set measures should be brought in. ie. one to one teaching in a stimulus free zone with an eye to reinclusion as soon as possible.

    However, I personally suggest the following.....

    YouTube - Offical Cure to ADHD
  3. Depends on the reasoning behind it.
    It could be an effective way of dealing with the language issues that are a problem is some shools. Grouping pupils by language in an effort to bring them all up to a reasonable standard of English is a perfectly legitimate and sensible motive
  4. Rosa Parks will be delighted.
  5. Culture plays a big part in learning - if people from different races/cultures have a radically different approach to authority, say, then it might be helpful, especially in the English which is vital to the rest of their learning. I did some English as 2nd Language teaching, the worst groups of all were mixed Italian/Chinese - the Italians never shut up and the Chinese never spoke.

    Spanish have the strange habit of pronouncing a word as it's written: you could teach them to say 'building' if you told them the word, as soon as you wrote it down they started saying 'bWEELdeeng' and would not stop. Stuff like that might mean there's some point in it. Soon as they can speak English they should be integrated though IMO.
  6. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I get the impression that the vast majority of these kids (apart from a few who are fresh off the boat, as it were) are perfectly able to speak English. As I understand it, the decision to stream by race is based on discipline and the fact that the department head is essentially weak and unable to exert any authority - not exactly a new phenomenon in modern teaching - so he takes the easy route by reducing the amount of inter-cultural tension.
  7. In that case he's asking for trouble. You'll have Lord of the Flies going on in the playground inside six months.
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just look in any inner city school playground*and you'll see that the kids racially segregate themselves. In one corner you have the black kids, in another the Asians and the whites in another. I rarely saw kids interacting with others who weren't from the same race unless they were forced to sit with each other in class. Funny thing was, none of them gave a shit where they were from within their groups, i.e. you'd see Indian kids mixing happily with Pakistani kids and English kids playing with Eastern European kids, as long as they had the same colour skin it didn't matter. Maybe it's just human nature to group with other people from the same race, just look how communities form in this Country based on race, anyone ever been to Southall?

    As for moving this within the classroom, I don't think it will make the blindest bit of difference, the kids immediately revert to form the minute the bell goes.

    I used to work in a secondary school in Chiswick, before any of you give me shit for hanging around school playgrounds.
  9. Nice one Ravers.Attack being the best form of defence and all that!
  10. Ravers,

    Your right about the kids seperating themselves into groups. I'm a Southall boy myself, a bit up market and suburban now (SW London).
    The important thing is that the kids whatever their background regard themsleves first and foremost as loyal to and citizens of the UK.
    The school, the State should not under any circumstances encourage seperateness, it leads to low level tribalism.
    If a kid from Somalia doesn't play with kids from another group, white, Indian or whatever he will regard him self as seperate.

    An incident I will never forget from my Infant school days was in 1971, India had just duffed up Pakistan. All the Indian kids were standing in the playground taunting the Pak kids with "We won the war, we won the war"
    A short while later we had a visit to the Imperial War museum, we came across a group of German kids, guess what the entire class taunted them with??

    Kids grow up and have to find work, they have to achieve and have ambition, they can't do this if they have been encouraged to be seperate from a young age.

    I had to attend one of those daft Equality training events once, where we were basically indoctrinated for a week.
    I think they cause more resentment than goodwill, we did all bond and form a good relationship .................. the pub every evening and afterwards!!!