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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by booty_cadet, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Was looking for a place to put this, this forum seems best, but please, I'm looking for real advice.

    Went outside a few nights ago for a smoke, and theres a big clanging in the garage! So I looked in it, and would you believe it, but theres a dog in there!

    Anyway, it shoots out past me and starts growling at me on the driveway, so I thought, fine, fcuk you, and went to shut the garage and go back inside, but as soon as the door started going down, the dog went straight back in!

    It seems to of set up home in there! Tried coaxing it out with food and stuff, but it comes out, eats it and then runs straight back in.

    Anyhoo, I managed to get some pictures of it while it was eating, so I'll put them on here just in the random chance that its one of your dogs. Its quite a posh dog, looks like some type of show dog!

    So should I ring the RSPCA or something like that?
  2. I knew I'd get some NAAFI replys. I seriously need a proper answer! I don't know what to do!

    And I will get the pictures up ehre soon.
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    You can't even get a random dog out of your own garage? How many immigrants are currently squatting in your spare room?

    Man up. Kick it out, kill it, phone the RSPCA/vets/chinese restaurant.
  4. [serious answer]If a dog sets up camp somewhere out of it's own territory, chances are there are a litter of puppies hiding in there.
    If it's a pure-bred show dog it should have tags and be chipped, so try and locate the owner, but hang on to the puppies, they'll be worth a fortune, especially if you can verify their lineage.[/serious answer]

    Grab a shovel, try out your best Cruella DeVille laugh and charge in screaming like a chav with a winning scratch card.
  5. Does your mum know about this? How old are you?

    Call the RSPCA. I'm all for twatting stray cats with a shovel because they are pure evil, but dogs are different. They have a sense of humour.
  6. Wise up,

    If you get involved in a stray dog you will be the paymaster.

    A few years ago we lost a horse, we turned him out just before Hay Bluff. We lost him and we did a bit of ringing round. We heard the RSPCA had a similar horse who was found on the Bluff with his hoof stuck in the cattle grid.

    We rang them up and it sounded pretty good, until we heard about the cost of the recovery which was £800. We called them the next day because we 'found' our horse didn't we. Lose on one, gain on another.
  7. Wrap Kip Mats around your arms and go at it like a Gladiator. Like on the telly.
    The dog will do one and you will be an Uber God.

    Job Done

    Thank you good Night
  8. I'm 17, but moved out of home, don't have much contact with parents. Hence, no-one to ask.

    Editted to add that the two matelots I rent it out with are on their version of an excercise. Emailed them, but their replies can be slow.
  9. Call your local council and ask for the dog warden to pay a visit in the morning
  10. Booty.. are you 'grooming' the dog? *snigger*
  11. Chuck a thunderflash in there. That should evict the mangy cur.
  12. Serious answer - Is it male or female. The behavior of growling to protect the garage and going back into the garage sound like a litter of pups might be in there. Either that or she is about to have pups and has located her place of choice for the pups to be born.

    I would strongly suggest that you repost this enguiry to the Arrse Kennel Club Thread in the community pages.

    Some of the people there are dog breeders, dog trainers and former army dog handlers who I am sure would be glad to give you much better advice than I can.

    In the meantime, if there is any chance there are pups inside you might leave a bowl of water and some food just outside the garage and leave the door open a little as "Mum" may be nursing. I could not do this where I live on my side of the pond as a coyote would grab a pup or pups but I don't think you have coyotes in the UK.
  13. Exactly, evil bastards, but dogs are different so call the RSPCA