Straw wants public to vote on community service punishment


Public to vote on punishments
Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A website will allow the public to vote on community service schemes for criminals.

Users will be able to suggest what work they want offenders to carry out in their area. The most popular will be adopted by the probation service.
The Ministry of Justice said the pilots, which cover 54 areas, will give the public a say in punishments. The Tories called for proper sentences for criminals, not "gimmicks".

The changes are aimed at encouraging more public involvement in the justice system and follow the launch of high-visibility jackets for criminals last year.

More than 55,000 criminals carry out community service every year. A MORI poll carried out by the Justice department found the public want offenders to do outdoor manual work such as cleaning the streets and removing graffiti.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw said: "It's crucial that the public - the taxpayer - has a say in what community punishments offenders receive.
"People have a right to know what offenders are doing in their neighbourhood to repay for the wrongs committed.

"We are determined to open up the justice system. Recent steps to do this include the appointment of a dedicated Victims Champion, giving distinctive orange jackets to offenders and now ensuring the public knows they have a say in punishing offenders."

Shadow justice secretary Dominic Grieve said: "The public wants to see justice done with proper sentences that fit the crime, not gimmicks from ministers who have undermined the criminal justice system by releasing prisoners early and relying too heavily on ineffective out of court sanctions."
Yet another govt. attempt to get popular :roll:


Book Reviewer
Isn't it funny how data is suddenly being massaged, news stories are being 'spun', the BBC is being wetter than ever and the gobment has gone from "We don't give a flying fcuk about your freedoms, privacy pockets or wishes" to "We care, we love you, what you say matters" in the space of a single week?


Within one week of the election, and IF the British electorate is dumb enough to go for this yet again, it'll be back to business as normal, but with a brand new 5 year mandate. So, Get ready for your bio-ID card, expect it to get checked repeatedly as you go from street to street by bods in black suits, with visors over their faces and rifles in their hands, expect your television to admonish you for thought crime and get used to your new name of Euro-Citizen 97564436522537448.
My prediction: if the public vote "Birch the cunt" democracy will swing into action and we'll be told, "No, you're not allowed to vote for that."
Could we get them to measure cliffs by jumping off and shouting as they go down. We could then record the sound and use a formula to see how high it was, also if they survive we could have some trainee doctors around to do some, er, training. Win, win.
Bring back the galleys, they get to row and get fit and it's green. We can have ferries to Ireland and France and the taxpayer will make a profit.


Jack Whore's latest gimmick....
I'm curious to know why he is so keen to keep his name in the papers as he is (apparantly) not contesting his seat at the next election. I wonder what gravy train he's got his eye on....

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