Straw urges more Commons action as bills 'run dry' - a bit rich

Perhaps they shouldn't have filled the Lords with thick liabour apparatchiks who can't process the bills fast enough. At least the axed peers were fairly sharp and well-educated....

Pity CMD didn't deliver on his election promise of a bonfire of sh1t legislation; the Commons could have passed their idle time going through the books with a big red pen.
We are due a Free vote on Fox Hunting before the end of this Parliament.
That should keep them fairly busy.
They certainly spent enough time debating and enacting that failed bill, but it helped free them from getting on with serious stuff.
Good - less shite legislation coming through.

As there is less work for them to do, we can crack on with cutting the number of MPs (10% would be a good start)

Quick analysis of how much Westminster work (as %) is not relevant to MPs whose countries have devolved powers and dock their salaries by that percentage.

Start docking salaries for those with unacceptable attendance records (ahem - Mr Brown)

Less new legislation means less civil servants to enact it - scope for redundancies.

There saved a fortune!

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