Straw shortage crisis for thatching industry

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Mar 25, 2008.

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    I believe that Russia (that exports something like 14 mln. toons of wheat) could help and export wheat straw as well.

    Maybe mr.Straw would ask about it?
  2. Yes, but he wouldn't really want to encourage another Thatcher.
  3. What's wrong with wriggley tin?
  4. Wrong sort of wheat straw. Two seconds in google should supply the details.

    BTW: Is there anything you don't get wrong?
  5. For some reason, 'straw' and 'thatcher' just seem to go so well in the same sentence...
  6. Wheat straw is used for the ridge on a thatched roof pretty much exclusively. Lasts about 5 years and is bread and butter for the thatcher, nice lucrative repeat business. It hasn't been used as the material for the roof for many years because it doesn't last long. Water reed lasts 40ish years and used to come from marsh or estuary areas locally, or imported from Norfolk. For the last 20 years it has increasingly come from Poland and Eastern Europe.
    There is no way thatching is going to die out as it is in high demand, a thatcher earns as much as a dentist. It's a much longer apprenticeship than most trades at 5 years.
    Personally although I love a thatched roof as much as anyone, I would never buy a property with one.
  7. The last straw for Thatcher? Or the straw that broke her back? One can hope.
  8. I thought that 'thatch' went out of fashion in the 70's? People tend to go for a neater look these days.....
  9. I'm suprised the government hasnt banned Thatched roofs already.

    Firstly for its obvious connection with the former great LEADER and secondly because its sooo middle class and very English.

    Surely this is how Labour views a traditional English village?
  10. You've clearly never had the pleasure of digging in - i'm very jealous.
  11. if anyone wants to buy my thatched cottage on the Wilts hants border, please let me know
  12. And I don't suppose you have suffered the pain and indignity of childbirth.
  13. Childbirth? Pah! My missus did it twice, using a bit of lavender oil and a warm bath.

    Mind you, you should hear her bitch if she gets a splinter in her finger....
  14. Yep, doddle, been to two of them, nowt to it. Mind you, the hang over next day hurt.