Straw presses MEPs on e-mail data

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 12, 2005.

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    Whatever Jack . My sensitive business and Military related e-mail will still be encrypted. However, the first step would be to close down the spammers wouldn't it? Once you've cleared the 78% of dross that clogs up the net , that'll make your search cycle times quicker, easier and cheaper . Also, if I was looking to disseminate information to my group of badmashes, I almost certainly wouldn't encrypt it so it stood out like Bulldog's clockweights, but would Trojan horse it inside a spam mail for Viagra or the like.

    Especially if your 'meat-eating' sniffers are set up to reject spam mail for Medz, Viuugra and increasing p8ni5 size?
  2. The man's an idiot. Real terrorists - the kind that kill people, not the Abu Hamza Daily Mail enraging comedy variety, don't use incriminating email or phone calls. They use innocuous phrases, meet up and discuss details in private. They're not working to a timetable, doesn't matter how long they take as long as they don't get caught. Meanwhile the security forces have to check out every fool who sends an intemperate email instead of looking for the real players.