Straw far would you go?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rop's, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. I'm a longtime lurker, just registered.

    as I can't sleep just now, I might as well spin the shit on here!

    A quick opinion poll if you have a spare moment.
    I work for the Ambulance service, I have a lease car, unmarked but fitted with blues, as I still respond to incidents as part of my role.
    recently, my car was broken into whilst at my home, various kit was lifted.
    since then, I'm convinced I'lll get hit again as I'm now a known source of goodies!

    So, do I continue bivvy'ing in the hallway tooled up, or do I let it go?

    logically, this is easy, If I manage to engage the scrotes (and not get myself filled in) I could easily lose my registration/ job etc, but in practice I just can't let it drop, I know I'd feel a right CNUT if they return and I'm obliviously in my pit.

    Ive never known genuine, sustained rage like this, never, even when some slut from Slough deliberately gave me clap!
    Is it wrong to want to kit my garage out with plastic sheets, handcuffs, a claw hammer and a belt sander?

    I'm guessing I've posted on the wrong forum to get messages of calmness and forgiveness!,

    your comments are welcomed.
  2. Lease car, work kit stolen.

    Why are you even bothered?
  3. You, my friend, need explosives. The mucka that never sleeps.
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  4. your undergarments have an odour of spontaneous combustion about them, my good man
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  5. My mud flap fell off my subaru today

  6. Yeah, that's pretty normal mate, people wrongly assume that smashing the back doors of a cat in is a victimless crime, now you know different!
  7. Car bomb underneath. Blame dissidents if a thief gets caught by it. Just don't forget it's there if you're late for work one Monday.

    Beaten to it by dingerr.
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  8. Just electrify the car, job done.

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  9. Kill them all - slowly and very painfully. Once the deed is done, hang their dismembered and rotting remains from the street lights as a warning to others who may consider straying from the path of reasonable and honest behaviour.
  10. Problem belongem them, surely?
  11. Not a bad idea, my MRS is from Afghanistrabane....home of the VBIED, her first chemistry set at the age of seven was awesome!
  12. Yeah, it does really. I know that the local smack heads have pinged me now though, it'll be the private motor next, then the garage/shed etc.

  13. 'Scuse the language.

    "A pair of heavy pipe hitting Gibsons, to go to work with a pair of pliars and a blow torch"
  14. Car alarm? linked to your phone maybe? Install cameras to watch over it? It's up to you to decide how much trouble you want to take over this. Or you could just speak to your loacl crime prevention officer, you never know he might be able to give you a "block allocation" of crime numbers to make your paperwork a bit easier.
  15. Dig pits around your car and cover them in foliage. Remember to draw a crude map on an old envelope so only you know where they are.