Straw gives MPs £10,000 each to stop postal abuse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by In_Tray, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. I should therefore be given a £10,000 fuel allowance to prevent me from driving off from petrol stations without paying.
  2. I have two cars, can I have more than him?
  3. And what, pray tell is to stop them pocketing this new ten grand and then politely ignoring the urgings of the Speaker to limit themselves to only claiming for seven grand on the old system? Really does seem typical of this government and politicians, just like the whole brouhaha over party funding. Get caught taking dodgy donations and then have the gaul to try and argue that since they got caught and obviously can't be trusted under the current system they should be given public funding instead to take away the temptation.
  4. Another clasic waffle by the Hate on Sunday
  5. Well nice to see that you're not dismissing the story out of hand since you don't particularly like the paper that printed it. :)
  6. Just my usual bugbears.

    Anonymous source, anonymous response, slagging off Labour MPs whilst placing the caviat of 'we know they haven't done anything wrong' so they can't get sued.

    And of course bringing in the obligatory Tory good guy who has only spent £600 on mail

  7. MPs brake the law so Bribe them to play the game.
    Only Nue Labour could think that one up.

  8. Do You have evidence of that law breaking, Jon???
  9. And since I seem to be on a rogue punctuation roll this morning, is there any particular reason you always capitalise You and Your in your sentences Sven? Just curious since I noticed that Devil_Dog does something kind of similar as well. :)
  10. Just a personal thing. since 'I' is in capitals and everyone is equally as important as I am, I tend to show that by capitalising when referring to other posters.

    Silly I know.
  11. Sven lets you and me not aknowledge each other in public on the board. I am starting to think very bad thoughts where you are conncernd.
    I don't want to upset PTP any more.
  12. Sven!!!

    While I'm not a grammar/spelling chaser by any account. Discarding basic rules and adding your own smacks of something..........Not sure whether its arrogance, childishness(do you "heart" your i's) or some feeble, we are all equal, new age, PC, hippy sh+t.

    I'll have this in the forefront of my tiny neanderthal mind every time I read your posts :D

    Alterntively just silly :D
  13. Possibly, possibly not. It's certainly something to mull over. Thanks for the reply though.
  14. Sven, why in gods name do you always always follow the party lines? All it means is that I've come to dismiss you out of hand because I know that they aren’t your own thoughts and opinions and instead from the latest Labour party pamphlet.

    Don’t get me wrong, support the party you choose, personally I am more of a Tory than anything, however I wont hesitate to rip the shit out of them or slag them off when they deserve it. I know just who and what they are, you however have some very rose tinted glasses about Labour. Which means any of your contributions to debate are largely worthless.