Straw Formally Withdraws 45-Minute Wmd Claim

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by X-Inf, Oct 12, 2004.

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  1. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Government today formally withdrew its controversial claim that Iraq had had chemical and biological capable of being deployed within 45 minutes.

    In a Commons statement, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw disclosed that a further line of intelligence reporting on Iraqi production of biological weapons agents before the war had also now been withdrawn by MI6 Chief John Scarlett.

    Mr Straw’s statement means that the Secret Intelligence Service has now had to withdraw three of its main lines of intelligence reporting on Iraq’s weapons prior to the war.

    In his report on the Iraq intelligence published in July, the former Cabinet Secretary Lord Butler of Brockwell disclosed MI6 had already withdrawn the intelligence from one of its main sources in the country as it was now considered unreliable.

    The Butler report also criticised the use of the 45-minute claim in the Government’s now notorious dossier on Iraqi weapons published before the war.

    It said that it was a “rare” example of the original intelligence material not being correctly reported in the assessments of the Joint Intelligence Committee – Britain’s senior intelligence body which drew up the dossier.

    The intelligence on the production of biological agents – which was passed to MI6 by the intelligence service of another, undisclosed country – was also criticised in the Butler Report as “seriously flawed”.

    The report said that it meant that the grounds for the assessment by the JIC before the war that Iraq had recently-produced stocks of biological agent no longer existed.

    In the Commons, Mr Straw strongly defended the dossier and the intelligence assessments of the JIC.

    “That dossier accurately reflected the views of the JIC at the time that it was signed off by them,” he said.

    “Far from the dossier being some confection, it was based on the best judgments not just of ourselves but of the wider international community. Everybody assumed Saddam had these weapons.”

    Any Resignations - methinks not
  2. Usual whitewash we have come to expect from this shambles of a government. None of them have the balls to admit to faking it all to justify war. So the Intelligence takes the wrap, when it was the Political interpretation that was at fault :roll:

    All a bunch of f*&^%£ arrses :evil:
  3. Nice of Lord John oooops Sir John (Jumped the scud there) Scarlett to take one for the team.

    The only question I have is why?

    Scarlett looks like a proper "Killing gentleman" and I just can't see him rolling over and playing dead like this.

    Has he been gagged or something? What are the SIS having to withdraw? They issued caveats to the information didn't they?

    It's a bad business when the legolanders have to take the blame for what is NOT their fault. I'm sure from Scarlett down , they're mightily dischuffed.
  4. Three main lines : -

    i) Baz told me ...
    ii) A note on the toilet wall said ...
    iii) My dad reckons ...

    Can't be any more unreliable than the system in place!

  5. I'm not sure how, but this disgusting PM blair and his lickspittle labour party must never ever be allowed to be in a position to send this country to war knowingly based on bollox again.
  6. Give it say....45 minutes and you might be proved right. Tony B's in the throes of drawing up his shiny-arrse gong list, after all.
  7. Sorry but I have to disagree.

    Rant On.

    John Scarlett let himself be subverted by political forces and failed to do his job properly. There's no point in him trying to defend himself as the report was drawn up by his committee and with his signature block. He made in my opinion a school boy error in that he told his political masters what they wanted to hear rather than standing up for a more robust version of the truth, and though and behold despite this almighty cock-up he still ends up as head of MI6. :twisted:

    The phrase that srpings to mind is:

    "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" :wink:

    I think John Scarlet already had his eye on the top job and knew that he needed to keep TBLiar happy to get it. Never mind that he was playing fast and lose with the holiest of holies; JIC briefings to the Government. :twisted:

    Don't fell sorry for this joker. IMHO He put all our lives at risk for the sake of his own career. :twisted: :twisted:

    Rant off -

    I await the considered responses from my peers.
  8. Have to agree, CJ. The last thing any country needs is a political spymaster. Telling the Blessed Leader what he wants to hear could indeed get us all killed. As if Bliar would care.
  9. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer


    How could you possibly believe that our Glorious Leader, Herr Bliar would possibly surround himself with 'yes' men. Shame on you. Look how hard TCH fought for the MoD. Look how G Broon has helped MoD by slashing its realtime budget, thus making the services change when we all knew that change is exactly the way forward and wars could not be fought without change.

    Also look at how the independent people that Bliar put in place to investigate did not bow the knee. men like Lord Hutton. How could you possibly say he was a 'yes' man?

    On a more serious note it is time for TBliar to get off cloud 9 and see what the world is really like and not what his coterie are feeding him.
  10. Now, let me see if I've got this right, - Phony BLiar lied in order to go to war against Iraq?........Just checking!
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Not quite Nutstrangler, Phony Bliar lied in order to send other people braver than he is to go to war against Iraq.

    :evil: :evil: :evil:
  12. Now all we have to find out , is WHEN exactly did Bluppet give shrub the nod that British Forces would be committed.

    I don't think anyone is going to like that particular answer 8O