Straw catches at straw.


UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has described as "unhelpful" the Iranian president's assertion that Iran has a right to produce nuclear energy.
So from point of view of the respected politician some countries haven't right to develop nuclear energetics but...

Britain secretly sold Israel a key ingredient for its nuclear programme in 1958, according to official documents obtained by BBC News.

Papers in the British National Archives show a deal was done to export 20 tonnes of heavy water for about £1.5m.
No "peaceful use only" condition was placed on its use. Officials said imposing one would be "over zealous".

Ministers in Harold Macmillan's government were unaware of the deal. It was also kept secret from the US.
Washington had refused to supply heavy water to Israel without a guarantee it would only be used for peaceful means.
Now imagine yourself on the place of Iranian president. There is no pressure on Israel about nuclear weapons, there is Iraq invaded because of ... absence of WMD. What would be your attitude this waterfall of stupid accusations and empty threats? Right, you would ignore them.
It's all realpolitik, Sergey. Everyone knows in the back of their minds that it's pretty hypocritical of existing nuclear states to preach to the rest of the world about how they can't join our club. But in this case, being hypocritical is the lesser of two evils. As ever, each country or group of countries involved are playing diplomatic chess with the ultimate aim of ensuring that Iran doesn't become an even bigger threat than it already is.

Being two-faced is what foreign policy is all about - in every country, in every period of modern history. Who knows what would have happened if the USA and Soviet Union hadn't led each other on a merry dance for the best part of half a century? Then, as now, both sides lied whilst accusing the other of being liars...

Who'd be a diplomat when you can be a straight-down-the-middle soldier, eh? :wink:
Well, Jack (Last) Straw is the last person I'd listen to. But the Iranians have a point - they have the right to use "nukular" power peacefully.
It all boils down to the fact that the Septics want to make sure that the price of oil stays in dollars. Otherwise they're Donald Ducked. They've already made the decision to invade Iran; they just haven't worked our how to sell it to the people yet.
But the invasion won't be a straight run-in like in Iraq. The border to Iran is wrinkly, much wrinklier than Afghanistan even. I can't see how they'll work it personally.


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