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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by phibeck, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. I would like to start wargaming - and am interested in a strategy type of wargame (i.e. not the "blast everything in sight" type of game, like Counter Strike, which my son has).

    Ideally I am after "real" battles.

    I searched after a wargame on the Falklands for example, and Shrapnel Games do one:

    But it hasn't had very good reviews, and they say it takes a long time to learn how to use it.

    Can anyone with a bit of experience recommend a computer based wargame (so that I can play against the computer in the first instance), that is as realistic as possible (put down smoke, move under covering fire, ability to "give orders" so that several things start at the same time), preferably based on real battles?

    all help appreciated.
  2. This the sort of thing you are looking for?Try this
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Total war series is pretty good, although it is ancient combat rather than modern day stuff.
  4. The graphics looked very good - but it was difficult to see how good it was as a strategy game. I was thinking also of a game at Bn/Bgd/div level.
    Does anyone have any experience of this game (Company of Heroes)
  5. The game isnt out yet (Comp of Heroes). The type of strategy game you are after is difficult to come by now, unless you want ancient combat as chris suggested (try the Total War series)

    This is about as close as you are likely to get now, as the majority of gamers want graphics and gameplay, rather than in depth military command

    Give this a try
  6. You can download the demo for Company of Heroes, but its 1.7Gb. Well worth it though.


    The only other ones I would suggest are Cossacks 2 or Close Combat 2 (If you can find a copy)

    Defcon will be out at the end of the month if you fancy some global thermal nuclear warfare :D
  7. World War II Frontline Command
    (The link you gave) looks indeed very interesting, the price is so low that it's worth ordering just to try. I'll write a little review after I've tried it.

    You write that the sort of thing I'm after is difficult to get now, have you any recommendations for things I might try to obtain used (out of production?).
  8. Have you tried the demo for company of heroes? Is it more or less what I'm after?
  9. Get Close Combat II -V

    Allies vs Nazis - cheapish off ebay

    Lost many hours to these games. :D
  10. 'Company of Heroes' is more along a Section/Platoon Commanders level of strategy. Very good though. 'Brothers in Arms' is similar.

    'Total War' is a series which has been well put together, but takes it premise from the times of the Roman Empire and Barbarian hordes. 'Rome Total War' is about the best of this series.

    To have a go at leading entire Armies, at the time of the Cold War, this is supposed to be FANTASTIC.

    Buy it here...

    For a bit less of a "Risk" type game and a bit more hands on, this is supposed to be VERY good too.

    Buy it from here...

    Hope this helps.
  11. Yeah it was cracking fun.

    Its more like Command & Conquer than Close Combat, as in if a unit is killed you can build another straight away if you have the resources rather than just having a set amount of units for the entire duration map.

    The entire map can be destroyed so lots of different tactics can be used, if you want cover for an MG just blow a hole in a building wall and move the MG inside.

    The only downside is that you need a beast of a PC to play it.

    To be honest I would recomend Close Combat2, I love it and still play it to this day. It may just be a bit hard getting a copy as its nearly 10 years old.

    If anyone would like a copy of Hearts of Iron 2 let me know, its sitting on the shelf collecting dust, just a bit too in-depth for me.
  12. Downloaded Company of Heroes Demo overnight (1,8 Gbyte), unzipped (ages), and installed (ages). Mightely impressed, think I will buy the full version when it's out later this month. Annoyed me that you couldn't zoom out int the main screen more, and that there was no help button, or rules that could be printed out - but I guess that would follow with the full version.

    Think I'll start with this, as a way of, well, getting started!

    Thanks for all the help!
  13. you should try the close combat series for platoon/company size, or if naval / air is of interest then Harpoon 3 is a must,it has just been released by Matrix games.
  14. Not sure if they're still available but the old Talonsoft series - East Front, West Front and Rising Sun were all turn-based strategy games giving you btn, regt, bde and corp level options. Downside was that the graphics and sound were a bit ropey but I still recall many happily wasted hours :D

  15. After playing the demo, would definately recommend Company of Heroes once it comes out (if you feel your PC can handle the high requirements).

    - Completely destructable terrain and man made objects.
    - Basic infantry sections are superbly versatile as are support units.
    - Your infantry / engineer sections can use enemy weapons when you kill the troops (mortars, MGs etc), aswell as the weapons of their support units when they die.
    - small arms rounds, shells etc can miss / hit terrain / buildings.
    - Units increase in veterency / ability as they engage in combat.
    - No silly healthbars with regards to rifle fire depleting the healthbar of a tank. Like Black and White 2, only certain weapons can destroy certain targets.