Strategic Review of Reserves Implementation Plan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GreenSlime, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. This is now available on the Defence Intranet. It's Restricted so can't be posted here.

    Link for those with access:

  2. A most interesting read... particulary on TACOS... watch out on this one, that old chestnut is going to grow again... but always remember the 'pro-rata' principle applies...

    Now then how should it work...
    free dental care for Regulars - then pro-rata applies so lets say a TA soldier shows the dentist his MoD90 and the dentist has to give him X% discount because he is serving in the TA! Result - the Nation appreciates me 'cause I'm doing my bit!
    free medical care for Regulars - ditto
    Boarding School allowance - ditto
    Rail card - ditto...Etc.

    Oh nearly forgot... Annual leave - pro-rata of course...


  3. TZA, beware incoming I think pal! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Pro-rata is an excellent concept, but........

    1. There is no money.
    2. TACOS for Regs are about to be savaged, so don't expect TA's to get better. Expect those of the Regs to get a fair bit worse - with at least 2 of the things you mentioned going.
    3. There is going to be even less money next year and the years after, even if defence spending increases, as we are overdrawn.
    3. See Point 1 above.

    I'm sure that anything that can be done will be done - but it must not be Cost Neutral, it must, MUST, actually reduce costs.
  5. The biggest issue with TACOS that I think very few regulars get is that whatever you do has to align with current UK employment law. If it doesn't then you end up in a tribunal and, if you're the MoD, you generally lose. They have a track record in this, after all.

    So it matters not what they think they can get away with, if the changes shift the TA from "casual labour" to "part-time" then the TA are entitled to everything pro-rata. Forget budgets, forget what the MoD wants, the full weight of employment legislation bears down and the MoD will lose.

    So the question I'd like answered is whether or not these proposal pass the legal test.

    Oh, and a move to part-time has all sorts of other knock-on effects, not least of which will be far fewer employers willing to take on TA staff.
  6. They could have atleast put it up on ArmyNET...
  7. Good God! You'll be expecting fair treatment next....
  8. Quele Surprise......MoD is incapable of obeying Labour law WITHOUT at least one dry butt f**king in the courts...

    Half the drama is that parts of MoD still think they have Crown immunity and MoD is so far done the pecking order under this regime that changes in Law that could inflict problems for MoD just do not feature as a concern. Only way MoD would be heard is if we all became ethnic minority disabled vegetarian lesbians.
  9. What a load of balls.

    Firsty, it's an implementation strategy, not a plan. I reserve my right to get excited until I actually see something being done.

    Secondly, how big a fucking team??? Looks like a staff officers skive heaven.