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Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Signaller..., Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. Negative effects this could have on the way the Army conducts Counter Insurgent Ops? Your views much appreciated
  2. Certainly - would you like to tell us which paper you work for though?
  3. CI - Counter Intelligence
    COIN- Counter insurgency
  4. Mornin journo.
  5. Sad; the journos just don't try anymore...
  6. A more pertinent (if loaded) question might be:

    SDSR - Conventional Ops

    What negative effects will the SDSR have on the army's ability to conduct conventional war fighting operations in order to prolong involvement in an unwinnable COIN campaign?
  7. Fellas. Im not a Journo. Can you imagine a newspaper quoting someone called Semper_Flexibilis in a'on.

    I have a presentation to give on this matter and would like to hear other views from fellow servicemen.

    Thank you

  8. BBC and Telegraph have quoted me in the past.

    Maybe you're a gruniard journo?
  9. Much appreciated your help

    AR +
  10. Anybody want to add something constructive? I seem to have attracted 'Tin Pot Hitlers' who over value their opinion and think I'm a conspiracy
  11. "Fellas. Im not a Journo. Can you imagine a newspaper quoting someone called Semper_Flexibilis in a'on."

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much! Turning up on a forum with no history, asking for information on an acronym not in common use - of course you're not a journalist.

    Mind you, I'm not bitter that Sempers been quoted and no one ever quotes me. No one loves me :-(
  12. Fella. You really do over value your own opinion.

    As for having no history... new member! Or shall I quote what the dictionary states as 'new'.

    Sad and very unfortuate replies... I am sure if i search your previsous blogs I could find areas that don't conform to JSP 440.

    I must remember not to use this site for serious topics of debate.
  13. Well whats going to happen is the parachute regiment will be disbanded the RAF will have all fast air mothballed and be used only for logistical purposes we will be sharing our ssbn capability with the French providing a crew for each of our boats. CR2 is going to be scrapped and 5 cavalry regiments with it as will AS90 and MLRS we only need light guns in the future. The ghurkas will be cut by a battalion the REME and RE amalgamated.
    feel free to quote all this in your morning edition tomorrow as a reliable well placed source
  14. Para regt won't be disbanded, the Marines are more likely to migrate to join them. RAF ..They have only been used for logistics recently however, there is still a place for them, even if the Euro fighter is canned. The army will not loose troops, the hit of manpower will be absorbed by the Navy / RAF. Can't see army loosing men with present climate.
  15. still not a journo...