Strategic Defence Review - SPS Getting Hammered?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by massarge, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. So everybody's working hard in Whitehall toward the release of the SDR later this year - even busier are DSPS(A) who are no doubt crunching the figures like mad. And now SO2s SPS are asking about MFD personnel and whether they're Temp or Perm and what jobs they're in.

    And the Army has to save 25%.

    Just how much of that will the AGC be contributing - personally I think a third will go. Very easy to reduce sub-Units to 1 x HR and trim some non-deployable fat....

  2. Army clerks Corps - Should never have been formed. It was only done to sustain another 2 star post.
  3. 3.5 Posts, on average, every single day since you joined ARRSE - you spend more time sat down than a clerk.
  4. Someone posted on another thread that using discharges of P7s as a way of massaging overall numbers down may be a way ahead. This can't work really because of the potential imbalance between Arms and Corps. The majority of undeployable soldiers should be appropriately discharged but, IMHO, this can only assist in number reductions but not drive them.

    It's my humble belief that the fat has long since been trimmed and unfortunately the Services are now going to be paring away muscle.

    As a direct result of that supposition, we will have less capability, in effect, be less efficient. The workload would then have to be reduced in line with the effectiveness of the Services in order for us to produce the same end result of "JUST ACHIEVING THE AIM".

    The SPS branch may well take a large hit but the manning has to be worked out across the board in order to provide balance.

  5. how long did it take you to work that out? its in work time so you must be one of the workless clerks they want to trim off!
  6. A couple of seconds - that's why I'll keep my job ;-)
  7. DSPS(A) are actually after figures (and details of bods) who are MND as opposed to MFD.......................

    Interesting how it will pan out, particularly given the number of MND personnel that were successful at SEB (WTFs all that about?) 8O
  8. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Do I beat his average ?
  9. DSPS(A) – Should they not already have this info (MND figures) via the SMIC team located in the same building?

    Interesting – Someone fcuked up the number crunch at the back end of 2008 with regards VEng (especially the one off offer for those that were not successful or rejected the offer during 2006).

    Me finks maybe someone got their abbreviations mixed up (PM pre-Brown) ...... WMD, MND, MFD etc etc :?
  10. Damn, yes, nearly 3.9 ... Okay, I'm a staff officer, I used Excel :x

    What's .9 of a post like? A dozen from Whet?
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    Can the fat f#ck really stay awake long enough to do a dozen in a day? If he can' he could hold down a job :D

    Outstanding: Now you're retired you need to up yer batting average, mate :D
  12. The SPS are getting hammered and the Government are paying for it?

    Imagine what a shite party that would be. Luke-warm Lambrusco, a few crusty old egg vol-o-vents and a handbag session at the end of the evening. No thanks.
  13. Think of all the girl on girl action though!
  14. And I am not on everyday!
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    Nor am I - but I'm still beating your average :D