Strapped to Apaches and dodging fire, RM recover body


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I quote from the Grauniad:

But the besieged Taliban fighters proved resilient, and sprayed the Z Company marines with gunfire. Within minutes the British force suffered four casualties, mostly gunshot wounds. The commandos leapt back into their Vikings and retreated to the far bank of the river.

the mission was a failure - the Taliban were not expelled from Jugroom fort



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Royals, I salute you


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Hoofin' wets indeed . . and I bet they were grinning like wnaking japs all the way if the Booties I know are anything to go by. Hats off to 'em, an incredible acheivement. Makes you proud.


A good example of RM and AAC working in perfect harmony. Great thinking outside the box, but weren't we told the other day that there are enough helicopters in Afghanistan...?


Pity they didnt take the place!
Was the attack commanded by Lt Col Chuck Norris? This must qualify as officially 'double hard'.

Outstanding work chaps *doffs cap*.
Outstanding work.
Per mare, per terram, per Apache :)
Despite their very brave actions it would seem we do not have enough troops and firepower available to take and hold a position if that was the aim of the mission.
I bet there was no shortage of volunteers too, good effort fellas and RIP young man.


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Amazing stuff, and incredibly brave, but...

The assault, by a Coy+ with 155mm and B1 support, failed.

Col Bruce said that:
"Our intention was to show the insurgents that they are not safe anywhere, that we are able to reach out to them and attack whenever and wherever we choose. To that end the mission was a success,"

This has unhealthy echoes of the 'V' word. Anyone remember Hamburger Hill/Hill 937? A major ssault to capture it (which succeeded in the end) followed by withdrawal.

So we are going to prove to the Taliban that we can attack them wherever they choose - surely they know that already? Are they going to say that this was a victory for them? Of COURSE they bloody well are! We would do the same - lightly-armed militia drive off invaders with Arty, Air and AFV support. What were we to do there later - would we have stayed, and set up a large PRT? I very much doubt it. We would have 'captured' the place, and withdrawn later. The Taliban would then have moved back in.

I wonder if it will make Bliar realise just how specious his recent comment really was:

For our part, in Government, it will mean increased expenditure on equipment, personnel and the conditions of our Armed Forces - not in the short run, but for the long term," he said, adding: "On the part of the military, they need to accept that in a volunteer armed force, conflict and casualty may be part of what they are called upon to face.

It seems to me that this incident demonstrates that the military have proved that they fulfil their part of the bargain, as well as showing that the Government have signally failed in theirs.


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Excellent work from the bootnecks. Hats off.