Strangest weight/thing seen packed in a bergan for a CFT.

Ive seen all sorts of she-at packed in bergans to make up the weight for a CFT. These range from A10 tins of beans/tomatoes from the cheffy types to broken bits of paving!! WTF.

So i'm asking the fellow arrsers for their strangest things they have used/seen to pack a bergan for a tab.

The craziest i have seen though is a solid stone eagle statue that must have measured two foot from wing tip to wing tip and about a foot tall!!!! How the fück the fellow thought that would be comfy for an 8 miler i'll never know.

Over to you fellow arrsers.
Frankie has an incredible weight to mass ratio

I have in the past had to use re-enforced industrial shelves to mount my collection of 18 years!!

Denser than tungsten apparently
A slab of beer. And very welcome it was afterwards.
Caught some doris with a duvet, pink fluffy cushion and an iron!! Lazy bint then whinged the whole way round about it being too heavy.
magictorch said:
a full bag of spillsorb
Ive seen that one before the unfortunate thing being that the silly git had put it in the bottom of his bergan so he was in agony after about three mile

Car battery has got to be one of the worst though.
Sandbags full of brass for an eight miler across the plain. One lunatic of my acqaintance once packed a 320 and four batteries. The colour he had gone by the end of the tab was quite alarming.
Been behind some knobhead who used spillsorb, and hadn't taped/sealed the bags.....doesn't half dry up bodily fluids as well as oil :roll:

Common REME weights were bags of nuts & bolts wrapped in bubble wrap.


A certain instructor at a certain former RMP training establishment stood before his Trg Pl, resplendent in his 'instructors' sweatshirt, CS 95 keks and fancy black SAS style 'walking/Embassy storming boots' beasting them before the off, just as his non issue bergen was blown along the front of the gym by a sudden strong gust of wind.

It was full of polystyrene. RMP....By Example We Lead!


Kit Reviewer
An Oirish SO3 of my acquaintance used a DU warhead wrapped in a towel
"Whell its quoite a bit smaller fer bein so hivvy"
Our old Yeoman thought it would be efficient if he packed a Le Cruset Saucepan in there. That handle caused some major probs

I always used to use a bag of PX BBQ coals.
In my old unit we had to carry the equipment that we would carry on exercise to make the weight. No bricks, bottles of water or slabs of beer could be used.

However when a lad was picked for not having enough weight in his bergen they had a look inside. His spare water bottle was empty which made it lighter but they also found two bags of shit which had been there for three weeks since his last hard routine exercise. I have never seen a PTI be so violently sick after punctureing the bag with his fingers.

He was ragged from dawn til dusk by the Provo for being a grot but the PTI saw him down town a few days later and knocked the hell out of him.

PTI was traumatised.

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