Strangest things left behind by previous occupant

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Grey_Mafia65, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Moved into a quarter in Buckeburg, nr Minden and came across these shoved to the back of bedroom wardrobe:

    Friends video, Black Lace 12" single of "Agadoo" and a well-used porn mag... 8O

    So what have you found that made you go "hmmm..."
    or what have you left behind?
  2. A Golf Buggy minus battery in the garage.When moved into this place about 7 years ago. Flogged the thing for a couple of hundred quid when out of the blue the previous occupant rocks up on the door a few years later demanding it back. Told him to help his self and feck off.
  3. So much for the March Out inspection?
  4. Civvy house!!!
  5. You should have charged him for storage.
    Price? Oooh, a couple of hundred quid ought to cover it...
  6. If your inspection was booked for a busy day, 9 times out of 10 the Housing Officer didn't do much more than glance round the rooms. Then there was the civvy bint in Buckeburg who did our march out inspection, sure she was related to Himmler. She reached into the u-bend of the loo and because she could scratch off some limescale with her fingernail, failed us!! :x
  7. Frog civvy house this time:

    A cuckoo clock (broken), a huge stack of truck porn (French trucking mags), a totally naff backlit picture of an Alpine scene (should have been broken but wasn't), a compressor (worked but no use when we lost the 380v supply), various sets of curtains as perhaps like those Stevie Wonder would choose (mostly with a sort of psychedelic puke pattern), a WWII artillery shell (not live), a party tent (with one of the feet missing), a school desk (won't fit through the attic trapdoor so that's where it stays), an axe (blunt), a sofa (knackered), two chairs (also knackered), a fridge from when De Gaulle was a lad (great for keeping things warm) a gas oven (great for keeping things cold) and various other 'things' that were either returned or introduced to a skip. Kept the shell though.
  8. Not so much as what was found,as what was delivered.
    I shared a flat with an ex Gordon Highlander mate a few years back,and on the first week of the month for 3 months we got a box of 6 bottles of wine delivered to us. We agreed we shouldn't touch it for a couple of weeks in case the previous owner turned up looking for his booze....... That idea lasted about half an hour.
  9. Nah i let the kids use it on the local field as a realll cool go-kart for a while then needed the room so just flogged it.
  10. On a takeover from a Jock Div Ops Officer in W Belfast when alll the other junior officers were receiving their porn stashes that go with the job, I was handed a load of body-building mags. Cheers straight bloke.
  11. Found a huge train set in the attic of a house I rented in London once - that was my nephews Xmas present sorted!
  12. a shotgun shell, half a bottle of steroid tablets and a court summons
  13. Reminds of the "Viz" weird shopping lists that had been found on supermarket floors.
    My favorite was :

  14. Two strangled kids, 3 decomposed runaways and a festering old prossie ... last time I buy a house built by Fred West.

    The pointing was sh!t as well.
  15. a ghost,...the previous owner strangled himself in the living room,.got the house cheap though,. not sure why? lol