Strangest thing you've ever seen in combat.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ghost_us, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. I think the strangest for me would have to be a dead insurgent standing up with his head against a wall, sort of propping him up but he was standing. Never forget it.
  2. crikey that must have shocked you as you came round the corner!
  3. how incredibly interesting!

  4. Glad you said it
  5. I think the strangest thing I iever saw in combats was Dawn French..... she looked like a cammed up Herc fuselage.
  6. I won't make the usual keyboard and brew comments... Tw@t! :D
  7. Strangest thing i saw was when i was pretending to be a dead insurgent with my head propped against the wall and some fat hat squaddie looks at me, shits himself and runs away screaming for his mum.
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  8. Silence. Maybe he's gone to talk it up in the pub about when he was in FOB Price with the boys!
  9. Not the boys surely? :)
  10. Now that, Herr Fallschirmjager Potato-Kopf, was funny!
  11. Well he doesn't like to talk about it for obvious reasons but he was once put into a "Hot LZ" to "Drag their sorry arrses out of the sh1t" armed only with his "Barrat light 50 and Underwater fighting knife".
  12. The funniest thing I saw in combat was a Lance Jack from the Woofers and a WRAC Full Screw called Ruth having a fist fight by the main gate at Shackelton Bks, Ballykelly at the end of Disco night....Ruth won.
  13. In fact i saw JD though unfortunately not in combat.
  14. Jim Davidson!!!!!!!!!!!!, oh and my mate who shat himself, he didnt quite make it to the thuderbox, nearly made it but turned around and walked like a penguin back to his tent with plenty of flies following... oh and a stray dog
  15. Yes, funny guy. Seen him a few times, on and off tour.

    Would be funnier if he had new material over the last 10 years. 8O

    Jim, if you're Googling yourself and find this, you're great :wink: