Strangest thing seen on a Training area!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Line_Grunt, Oct 25, 2002.

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  1. To start this off - Bloke shagging a blow up doll whilst wearing high heals!
  2. :-X :-X :-X :-XJESUS! :-X
  3. classy place otterburn!!
  4. Who was wearing the high heels? You? the bloke? or the doll? (or the sheep?)

    Household Div stopping dead in their tracks, middle of Salisbury Plain, rigging up a marquee and breaking out the mess silver for a full sit-down mess kit dinner with fake war raging all around them.
  5. Got to be the "human washdown point" at BATUS.
    I thought the mobile bath and shower unit was a myth until I got trucked there between exercise phases.  Still, it was easy to find, it's normally about 3 clicks in front of the Artillery gun line.

    It was a bit scary though, the people running it were all 65 yr old CPL's who dribbled while they watched you get changed.

    Good job I had clean backtefrontyinsideouties on!
  6. I thought 4 Regt AAC were always first to the FEBA, not the case Wolfgangs Bratty wagon always beat us there.

    Well he did in Saltau anyway.
  7. Might be wrong & stand to be corrected but wasn't it a landrover CP (58b i think) from 4 Regt that hit the only tree on BATUS during broad daylight with nothing else around but gophers.

    Perhaps he was performing an iner & outer rimiter check for Danny F**kkin Walker.
  8. Gyro...that happens a lot on STANTA, most of the delivery guys are moonlighting soldiers.
  9. The rhythmical flashing of a LR's headlights on the Sennybridge training area.  Contents of LR found to the Training Major and the MO (female).
  10. strangest thing I've seen on Sennybridge training area is sunshine!
  11. We had lovely sunny weather in June for the live fire day there SB!  Funniest thing there were some of the female squadies thighs and arrses!
  12. our wksps 2ic, taking us out in convoy at night,across supposidly ranges that was´nt in use. until the sound of shells landing in close proximity made us realise the ranges were in use.
  13. Maybe I'm getting old but I could have sworn I saw a tank flying through the air near Brecon over the weekend!
  14. What about a sheep, with one welly on, a leg missing and wearing a wooly hat??? word or a lie!!! ???

  15. Eight and a half years....

    And that's the best you can come up with?