Strangest place youve been in?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. For me inside a comppany called dial team near the cotton exchange in Liverpool putting in a telco cct. A bunch of fat exbh0okers with faces like a fitters tool bag. Breathhing heavy due 6o heaving their fat carcass up a few flights of stairs as the lift was U/S. This is what gives them the heavy breathing for the phone calls. Mate had to go into the main call center and seen one of the bloaters on t e phone with her hands down the pants. So if your into phone sex just thuink that its Vanessa Fletz on the other end!
  2. Thanks for sharing that one, Brett. I shall now have nightmares!

    I was going to add "The NAAFI Forum" but I won't!

  3. Your Mum's Garry Glitter!!
  4. Found myself delivering some washing machines to a male "spa" in South London. Found the two fitters sat on a wall outside and they told me I needed to see the owner inside.
    So I wanders inside and find myself surrounded by paintings of blokes doing ungodly things to eachother, the chairs and stuff filled with batty boys lounging around in towels. The manager minces over and I make sure he knows immediately that I'm there to deliver goods not deliver THE goods. Never quite gotten over it.

    Also went to Gay Pride quite a few years back with a lesbian mate of mine. That was a weird one, like a convention for Village People fans. Blokes with moustaches in PVC on stilts. Christ I wish I wasn't driving that day so I could've had a drink to forget it all.
  5. mac_uk

    Just admit it, you really wanna come out don't you?

    Just tell the world, you will feel alot better for it!
  6. Abseiled down a well once to deal with a suspect munition. The ascending was the fun part.
  7. I agree with Windsor Davies (bit of a gay icon to choose for your avatar though :wink: ) you deliver goods to 'special' clubs and go to Gay Pride because of gay friends :roll: - you are a roaring woofter, admit it...
  8. I rest my case...
  9. South Korea - the place stinks of stuff called Kimchi and eveyone eats so much it actually comes through the pores of their skin - garlic, chilli and fermented cabbage (or turnip FFS). And you don't want to know what the main course is. :twisted:

    I lived on Wendyburgers and chilli from a bar owned by an ex-Army septic.

    Good looking chicks (old bints are tucked away at home - no fcuking equal rights for ugly women nonsense there :D ) but they reek to high heaven.
  10. Not sure if it was absolutely the strangest place but I remember arriving in Boston after a very long flight and journey. Dog tired, my friend took me to her boyfriend's bar. It was in fact a strip club. A very seedy strip club which was the only building still standing for two blocks all around. My friend wasn't a stripper, she worked behind the bar. She wouldn't have fitted in anyway because all the strippers were black as were all the customers, a freckly redhead was probably not their cup of tea at all.
    Having watched all the strippers acts, I asked if I could get my head down anywhere as I was tired out. The only place available was the strippers dressing room. Appropriately named because they kept coming back in to get dressed!

    Not very erotic at all.....

    edit to add:

    Amazingly it still exists! Might not be at the same location though. It was twenty years ago I was there.
    Look it up: Aga's Highland Tap

    (Never did work out what that was supposed to mean. It was run by a Greek family. Agamemnon?)
  11. In a bar in Rotterdam that was fitted out like the inside of a volcano - fake rocks, fake lava stream in the corner etc. The bar man actually had a bald head and a genuine milky eye and the "waitresses" ( it was one of "those" bars) all wore skirts made of bin-bag material.

    Need to get out more I know...
  12. Main building ????

  13. Freetown dock senagal on way to FALKLANDS 82. Gurkhas throwing things at the locals who would eat anything, so the gukhas did throw just about anything at them tins of compo bars of carbolic soap surprising what damage a bar of soap can do to the head after being thrown from height never seen the gurkhas enjoy them selfs so much without pulling there Kukri out, the locals fought like fcuk for everything that was being thrown at them.
  14. It was close to the docks in Rotterdam, WW. Went following a pretty brutal cocktail party on a big grey floating taxi.

    Now I think about it, the "waitresses" were a bit mannish.

    (sound of penny dropping)

    It was around about the time WB was being renovated last, so the chances are that the Self-obsessed Fruitcake Desk was being manned remotely from Rotters.

    Just a thought...